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We’re excited to have four fantastic DJs on board who will provide the best sound for the big TEDDY Party at Berlin’s Volksbühne. 

Pat Bernetti started her career in NYC and now resides in Berlin, playing in clubs, festivals, awards, galas and events all over the world, where she thrills the party crowds with her mix of RnB, Hip Hop, House, Pop, Funk, Oldies, Rock, Electro Swing & Charts. 

DJ Trust.The.Girl is electrifying queer crowds all over Germany with her colorful, vibrant mix of diverse genres.  

Amperia is a queer, non binary Berlin-based DJ. Known for their party Golosissima and as resident and curator of Autopoiesis and poly|motion, they will be playing a driving techno house set. 

Ābnamā: a can of worms wearing lipstick on the can, a return to the source of all things considered and a flashback to bearings lost but never had. Based in Berlin, co-organizer and resident at DUMP, she is known for driving grooves that span across various genres.  




22:30 TEDDY JURY RECEPTION: Moderated Introduction to our Jury
The traditional introduction of the TEDDY AWARD jury with information and talks about the work of the jury, their festivals and what a queer film award means to them.



15:15 – 16:30 CURATING THE FUTURE: Towards programming equity (EFM Industry Session)
What is the future of film programming? Join us for a discussion of just, ethical, and community-rooted film programming practices as well as a participatory worldbuilding experience to chart the future of the field with Karim Ahmad, Jemma Desai, Can Sungu, Lucy Mukerjee and Tambay Obenson.



12:30 – 13:30 DIRECTORS EXCHANGE: Time after time, club culture and the concept of time in Queer Cinema

This year, a number of films invite us into the club as a social place and a space of timeless seduction and seemingly endless possibilities: two being Anthony Lapia’s film After; and Hannes Hirsch’s Berlin metamorphosis Drifter. These films could not be more different in style and narrative, but they both find a common denominator between beats, hedonism and losing oneself. We invite both filmmakers to speak about their inspiration and approach in crafting their films. 
Moderator: Ana David

14:30 TEDDY TALK: QueerWeb Part 1

The QueerWeb series is about exploring, analysing and connecting elements, initiatives and organisations that can strengthen the queer film network, from production to programming, networking to training and exhibition to archiving. In Part 1, we begin by navigating existing organisations that support people within the industry. From collectives and initiatives to training programs set up to strengthen connections from within. By coming together, we look to analyse existing power structures and discuss how each of us, through our work, can collectively go about demanding changes.
Moderator: Nastaran Tajeri-Foumani

16:30 DIRECTORS EXCHANGE: Biographies of beauty, rebellion and truth. Trans* narratives as tools of unapologetic self-representation

Moving through 24 hours of sweeping emotions in the existence of a singular trans* man to the unfiltered wisdom and self-empowerment of four black trans* sex workers, Directors Vuk Lungulov-Klotz and D. Smith talk us through their bold cinematic statements of artistic and aesthetic expression. Fuelled by their respective critique of a binary world, the importance of self-representation will be explored within the directors’ exchange. 
Moderator: Djamilia Grandits




Five queer film professionals present a 10-minute talk around Queer Visions. Creating that vision from existing realities, from experiences on film sets, in pitching meetings, writers rooms, auditions or creating that program for your festival audience? How do these visions or utopias look, are they achievable or are we just kidding ourselves? Let us explore the possibilities of change in the TEDDY Talents Talks. 
Moderator: Djamilia Grandits



9:30 – 18:30 EFM QUEER FOCUS DAY: Screenings
Queer Film Catch Up Screenings

10:30 MANIFESTATIONS: Queer Short Film Program
Market Screening Event for Programmers

14:30 TEDDY TALK: From Surviving to Thriving!
In an effort to strengthen the Queer Film Market we must first look at its many fragile entities. The Queer Film Festivals, made mostly on shoestring budgets, the Queer Films with little to no development funding and the distribution network, heavily dependent on the screening fees from the festivals that in turn struggle with little to no budgets. How has this survived up until now and is this sustainable in the face of a changing cinema landscape?  In taking an in depth look at existing structures, we aim to examine the balance between surviving and thriving.
Moderator: Skadi Loist

16:30 QUEER YOUR PROGRAM: Hybrid Those Speedy Film Pitches
Thirty Filmmakers whose films are ready for distribution will present their projects within two-minute pitches to programmers, distributors and sales agents. Join in to find potentially your next opening night film.
Moderator: Bartholomew Sammut

The annual gathering of industry professionals from the Queer Film Industry, from filmmakers to programmers, to distributors and sales agents.

Introduction into the movies of the 37th TEDDY AWARD  

For all those who would like to find out in advance about the queer films at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival, the head of the Panorama section, Michael Stütz, and programme directors from the Berlinale sections will present their films in the running for the 37th TEDDY AWARD and provide initial insights into current themes and trends in queer cinema.  

 This traditional launch event for the TEDDY AWARD is supported by the SchwuZ Queer Foundation.  


SchwuZ Queer Club  
Rollbergstraße 26  
12053 Berlin  
10th Feb, 2023 at 7:30 pm  

Admission for a voluntary donation for the SchwuZ Queer Foundation. 

The introduction will be held in English.

The TEDDY AWARD ceremony on February 24th will take place at the VOLKSBÜHNE BERLIN, Rosa- Luxemburg-Platz, 10178 Berlin, starting at 8:30pm. From 11pm onwards the hot TEDDY After Show PARTY & LOUNGE will open their doors!   

Tickets for the 37th TEDDY AWARD Ceremony are available at the Volksbühne Webshop at www.volksbuehne-berlin.de. Ticket reservations are also possible via e-mail at  via Ticket-Hotline +49 30- 240 65-777.

All Films & Screenings 2021

The time has come: the program for the TEDDY Screenings 2021 is fixed! During the Berlinale Summer Special, from June 09 – June 20, 21, the screenings of the films nominated for the TEDDY AWARD will take place in different open air cinemas. The screening dates and cinema addresses can be found under the respective film descriptions.

An overview about the TEDDY AWARD 2021 film selection you can find on our website.





Day 11: It’s all over now TEDDY Blue

Sad but true: Today is the last day of Berlinale and the last day for you to have the opportunity to watch the queer programme. If you would like to do so, I would love to recommend you the “Teddyrolle” in Kino International. At 4pm all the queer short movies of Berlinale will be screened.

Furthermore, I am not a fan of big goodbyes, so i will keep it short and painless: Have a good one, I hope you all enjoyed the time and we will see us again next year. Cheers! Continue reading Day 11: It’s all over now TEDDY Blue