Dispatches from Elsewhere

Creator: Jason Segel, USA, 2019

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A chain of strange coincidences leads computer scientist Peter to the mysterious Jejune Institute. Its charismatic director Octavio promises Peter a way out of the invisibility and quiet desperation of his everyday life, offering him instead the gateway to a life full of magic, beauty and “divine nonchalance”. Peter plays along. But is this really a game? Is it an alternative reality? Or a conspiracy making a bid for social control? Together with Simone, Janice and Fredwynn, Peter tries to decipher the signs and symbols and to get to the bottom of the institute’s secrets… read more


Creator: Clara Mendes / Director: Amalie Næsby Fick, Denmark, 2020

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One kiss on the roof on a warm night in Copenhagen and Cathrine, in her early twenties, can no longer keep a grip on her life. On the one hand, there’s her colleague Selma, from whom she wants more after that first kiss. On the other, there’s her boyfriend Simon. For him, what little they have is actually plenty, and for some time now, even less has been enough for Simon in bed. For Cathrine, who works at a call centre giving tips on sex and love, it’s definitely not enough, and after Selma’s kiss she doesn’t know what to do. She’s hungry, helpless and lonely. Torn between regret and desire, she drags everyone who loves her and who she loves into her chaos… read more


Creators: Duncan Macmillan, Effie Woods / Director: Athina Rachel Tsangari (Ep. 1-5), Stella Corradi (Ep. 6-8), United Kingdom, 2020

© House Productions Ltd.

In crowded, expensive London, a cash-strapped couple open their small flat to a third person. Gemma is a chef who runs a café; her boyfriend Kieran is a paramedic – and Ray, who moves in with the young couple, is at a loss. Until recently, she was a world-class synchronised swimmer, but now she’s looking for a new direction, job and place in life. She discovers two people who love each other very much, but who don’t really know where they are going – in terms of the café, sex, or their lives. What commences is a modern-day love story that will change all of their lives forever… read more