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Day 11: It’s all over now TEDDY Blue

Sad but true: Today is the last day of Berlinale and the last day for you to have the opportunity to watch the queer programme. If you would like to do so, I would love to recommend you the “Teddyrolle” in Kino International. At 4pm all the queer short movies of Berlinale will be screened.

Furthermore, I am not a fan of big goodbyes, so i will keep it short and painless: Have a good one, I hope you all enjoyed the time and we will see us again next year. Cheers! Continue reading Day 11: It’s all over now TEDDY Blue

Day 10: 2 times Kater and one time Kiki

It is the second last day of the Berlinale and we went through an emotional and eventful night! The TEDDY trophy got awarded and we laughed, danced and drank. We celebrated 30 years of TEDDY, saw some great performances, Wieland Speck was giving an Laudatio and Christine Vachon was there as well.

Happy and tired we went to bed this morning just to get up only a few hours later to throw ourselves into the hustle of the festival. Two films which won the TEDDY AWARD yesterday will be shown at the Berlinale today: Continue reading Day 10: 2 times Kater and one time Kiki

Queer Academy Conference Programme


The event’s programme includes:

I. Panel discussions Re-imagining the Queer Archive and Queer Film Festivals in Practice.

II. The traditional Programmers/Queer Academy Meeting and the Queer Connection – Filmmakers meet Programmers and the Film Industry.

III. The Crypto Party Berlin Workshop on Encryption and Data Protection (Especially for festival makers from regions where queer life is threatened or persecuted, the event offers a parallel workshop on secure e-mail communication, encryption and data protection).


10.00 am Opening Wieland Speck, Berlin, Curator of the Panorama at the Berlinale

10.15 am  Key Note: Bob Hawk, Film and Festival Advisor

10.30 am  Key Note Jan-Christopher Horak, Los Angeles, Director of the UCLA Film &

10.45 am  Re-imagining the Queer Archive

12.15 pm  Lunch break

1.30 pm   In Conversation with Christine Vachon, New York, Film producer

2.15 pm      Queer Film Festivals in Practice – Programming and    Curating Strategies

  3.45 pm      Break

  4.00 pm      Programmers/Queer Academy Meeting + the Queer ConnectionTelevision Archive