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Special TEDDY AWARD goes to Jenni Olson

In addition to the awards for current films, the TEDDY Foundation also presents the Special TEDDY AWARD for outstanding achievement and long-term service to a figure from the creative industries whose work has made an exceptional contribution to a wide-scale public perception and reception of queer perspectives in art, culture and the media. Previous winners of the Special TEDDY AWARD include Tilda Swinton, Werner Schroeter, Ulrike Ottinger, Monika Treut, John Hurt, Udo Kier, Christine Vachon, Joe Dallesandro, Evita Bezuidenhout, Rosa von Praunheim and Elfi Mikesch.

This year’s Special TEDDY AWARD goes to the film curator, archivist, filmmaker, writer and LGBT film historian Jenni Olson for her decades of bridge-building work with which she has made queer film history visible and tangible.

Jenni Olson’s enthusiasm for the medium of film manifests itself in innumerable ways. She always finds the right instrument with which to put her curiosity and fascination into practice. She fights for the preservation and distribution of cinematic legacies and orphaned film copies, promotes emerging talents and has created her own cinematic oeuvre. She draws on a queer film network she herself has strengthened and expanded over the decades with her collaborations and influence. Jenni Olson embodies, lives and creates queer film culture.

The TEDDY Jury 2021

We are happy to announce this years TEDDY AWARD Jury. This year, three well-known filmmakers and festival organisers will select the winners in the categories of Best Feature Film and Best Short Film from the nominated queer films from the Berlinale, and will present the TEDDY Jury Award.


Sylvie Cachin_fotoCredit_© Karine Bénard
Sylvie Cachin_fotoCredit_© Karine Bénard

Sylvie Cachinis a film director whose award-winning films enjoyed success at numerous festivals before she joined Everybody’s Perfect – Geneva International Queer Film Festival as the artistic and general director in 2017. With a university education in art history, history and Italian language and literature (in Switzerland, Rome and Paris) and a master’s degree in film (from Geneva), she has worked in her own company, Lunafilm, as a screenwriter, cinematographer, editor and producer. Driven by a sense of exploration and freedom, she is radically committed to auteur cinema and to queer and feminist gazes. Passionate about experiencing and sharing a wide range of artistic moments, her programming aims at offering a new magic every year.

Samuel Girma, curator in film and art
Samuel Girma, curator in film and art

Samuel Girma is a curator in film and art, a community organizer and an activist based in Stockholm. He is currently undertaking research for an upcoming experimental short film about James Baldwin’s queerness and launching a Black cultural space for film and art. Samuel is a co-founder of the anti-racist, intersectional and feminist platform, Black Queers Sweden. Born and raised in Ethiopia, he emigrated to Sweden at the age of 13, a move that has greatly affected his view on Blackness and the experiences accompanying migration. Much of Samuel’s work, art and writing is inspired by and focuses on the experiences of Black bodies.

Esma Akyel, director of Pink Life QueerFest Turkey
Esma Akyel, director of Pink Life QueerFest Turkey

Esma Akyelis a LGBTI+ and transfeminist activist from Turkey. They are the director of Pink Life QueerFest which was established in 2011 and is the first and only queer film festival in Turkey. The festival is organized by the Pink Life LGBTI+ Solidarity Association which is also the first and biggest trans self-organization group in Turkey. Esma is a board member of ERA – LGBTI Equal Rights Association for the Western Balkans and Turkey. They are also one of the curators of QueerFest Berlin. They have a master’s degree in media and visual studies from Bilkent University.

Daily live from the TEDDY Studio

What a wonderfull week! We’ re pretty sad, that all magic of the TEDDY Studio is already ending. If you missed some of our amazing TEDDY Talks, you can watch all of them all on demand! If you want to browse again trough the TEDDY Talks Program of the 35th TEDDY AWARD , you can still find all information about the on our blog.


We’re looking forward to the summer!
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34th TEDDY AWARD Ceremony and After Show

On the 28th of February, 2020 we are going to celebrate the 34th TEDDY AWARD and the preparations are in full swing! The venue for the award ceremony and the TEDDY PARTY will be at the Volksbühne Berlin.

Tickets for the 34th TEDDY AWARD ceremony and the after show party are available from now on via the ticket hotline +49 (0)30-240 65-777 or the Volksbühne Webshop. Additionally, tickets are available through Prinz Eisenherz Bookshop (also without booking fee).

For the special support of the Teddy e.V., we offer a limited amount of premium tickets. With the purchase of a premium ticket, you will be guest of honour in the best seating category. Furthermore, you will be invited to an exclusive pre-reception between 07:00 and 08:00 pm on the evening of the ceremony. You can fill in the form for your premium ticket here.

For all our guests who were unable to acquire a ticket for the ceremony we offer a screening lounge ticket, which will allow you to watch the ceremony broadcast from the comforts of Roter Salon and Grüner Salon. Free admission to the after show party is included in the price. 

FRIDAY, February 28, 2020
19:00 Reception
21:00 TEDDY AWARD Ceremony at the Volksbühne Berlin
23:30 Don’t miss the legendary TEDDY After Show PARTY on 3 dancefloors with 6 DJs:

Premium ticket cat. A incl. reception: 150,- EUR
Seat category A: 75,- EUR
Seat category B: 50,- EUR
Seat category C: 30,- EUR
Screening lounge: 20,- EUR
party: 15,- EUR

TICKET HOTLINE & INFO tel.: +49 (0)30-240 65-777

The TEDDY AWARD is a non-profit event. The TEDDY AWARD finances itself only by contributions of sustaining members and patrons of the Teddy e.V., by donation of supporters, the contribution of many voluntary helpers as well as sponsors and the earnings of the award ceremony.