The TEDDY Winners 2018

And the winner is…

Best Feature Film

Tinta Bruta
By Marco Reolon, Filipe Matzembacher

Best Documentary Film

Bixa Travesty (Tranny Fag)
By Claudia Priscilla, Kiko Goifam

Best Short Film

Three Centimetres
By Lara Zeidan

DIE TEDDY Jury Award

Obscuro Barocco
By Evangelia Kranioti

L`Oreal TEDDY Newcomer Award

By Alvaro Delgado Aparicio

TEDDY Readers` AWARD powered by Mannschaft Magazin

Las Herederas (The Heiresses)
By Marcelo Martinessi


For those unlucky few who weren’t able to join us for the famously fabulous TEDDY AWARD ceremony, you can see the entire ceremony here! Highlights include Wieland Speck’s annual speech, Sate Minister Markus’ Prabst defiant proclamation against homophobia, Jack Woodhead’s upside-down piano-playing, and Linn de Quebrada’s stunning stage performance.

All here for you to watch again and again…

TEDDY TODAY: Sunday 25th February

It breaks our hearts to say goodbye, but say goodbye we must as we reach the final day of the 68th Berlinale. Thank you for celebrating queer cinema with us, in all its wonderful shapes and sizes. A huge congratulations to all our award winners – both ‘Tinta Bruta’ and ‘Las Herederas’ screen today so catch them if you can!

Until next year, teddy-lovers!

Contra-Internet: Jubilee 2033

Director: Zach Blas,
USA/Great Britain 2018 29′, English, Spanish

Kino International, 16:00

Displaying jubilee_02.png

The Happy Prince

Director: Rupert Everett
Germany/Belgium/Italy 2017 105′, English, French, Italian

Friedrichstadt-Palast, 09:30

Displaying X_Rupert Everett © Wilhelm Moser.jpg

Las herederas (The Heiresses)

Director: Marcelo Martinessi
Paraguay/Uruguay/Germany/Brazil/Norway/ France 2018, 95′, Spanish

Haus der Berliner Festspiele, 19:00

Displaying lasherederas_02.jpg

Mes provinciales (A Paris Education)

Director: Jean Paul Civeyrac
France 2018 136′, French

CineStar 3, 20:15

Displaying Andranic Manet, Sophie Verbeeck © Moby Dick Films

River’s Edge

Director: Isao Yukisada
Japan 2018 118′, Japanese

Cubix 9, 14:30

Displaying Ryo Yoshizawa, Shuhei Uesugi © River’s Edge Film Partners, TAKARAJIMASHA : Kyoko Okazaki.jpg

Three Centimetres

Director: Lara Zeidan
Great Britain 2017 9′, Arabic

International, 16:00

Displaying Mira Choukeir, Melissa Dano © The London Film School : Pierfrancesco Cioffi.jpg

Tinta Bruta (Hard Paint)

Director: Marcio Reolon, Filipe Matzembacher
Brazil 2018
118′, Portuguese

CineStar 3, 17:45

Displaying Bruno Fernandes © Avante Filmes.jpg

Yours in Sisterhood

Director: Irene Lusztig
USA 2018 101′, English

Zoo Palast 2, 13:00

Displaying Yours_in_Sisterhood_cBerlinale.jpg

TEDDY TODAY: Friday 23rd February

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for – THE TEDDY AWARD CEREMONY IS HERE!!!! As a warm-up to tonight’s proceedings, why not catchup on some of the lovely selection of films listed below, before glittering-up and joining us for a night of celebrations at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele. 

See you on the dance floor!

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot

Director: Gus Van Sant
USA 2018 113′, English

Zoo Palast 1, 12:30

Displaying Joaquin Phoenix © 2018 AMAZON CONTENT SERVICES LLC_web_02.jpg

Evidentiary Bodies

Director: Barbara Hammer
USA 2018, 10′, Without dialogue

Akademie der Künste, 18:00

Displaying eventiary_bodies_01.jpg


Director: Q
India 2018 105′, Hindi

Cubix7,  20:15

Displaying garbage_01.jpg

Hojoom (Invasion)

Director: Shahram Mokri
Iran 2017 102′, Farsi

Cubix 7, 22:30

Displaying © Abdolreza Nikou.jpg

Ludwig der Zweite, König von Bayern (Ludwig II of Bavaria)

Director: Wilhelm Dieterle
Germany 1930, 132′, German intertitles

Zeughauskino, 21:30

Displaying Wilhelm Dieterle, Theodor Loos Quelle: Deutsche Kinemathek Keine Freigabe für Social Media.jpg

Obscuro Barroco

Director: Evangelia Kranioti
France/Greece 2018 60′, Portuguese

Zoo Palast 2, 16:00

Displaying © Evangelia Kranioti 4.jpg

Para Aduma (Red Cow)

Director: Tsivia Barkai Yacov
Israel 2018 90′, Hebrew

CinemaxX 3. 13:30

Displaying Avigayil Koevary © Boaz Yehonatan Yacov.jpg


Director: Leilah Weinraub
USA 2018 82′, English

CineStar 7, 14:30

Displaying © Shakedown Film, LLC.jpg


Director: Manque La Banca
Argentina 2018 16′, Spanish

CinemaxX 3, 21:30

Displaying Teo Palvi, Antu La Banca c .jpg

Touch Me Not

Romania/Germany/Czech Republic/Bulgaria/
France 2018
Director: Adina Pintilie 125′, English, German

Friedrichstadt-Palast, 12:00

Displaying Laura Benson © Manekino Film, Rohfilm, Pink, Agitprop, Les Films de l'Etranger.jpg

Tuzdan kaide (The Pillar of Salt)

Director: Burak Çevik
Turkey 2018 70′, Turkish

CinemaxX 4, 22:00

Displaying X_Zinnure Türe, Dila Yumurtacı c Berlinale.jpg

TEDDY TODAY: Thursday 22nd February

My oh my how time is flying – we’ve hit Thursday and are drawing near the final weekend of the Berlinale. But fear not, there’s still more premiers to catch, plus HEAPS of films to catch up on so stay tuned!

Today’s films, separated by over 80 years, look at mental health and the physical body. In both ‘Ludwig der Zweite’ and ‘Touch Me Not’, the confusions of the mind and body are analysed. Where Ludwig falls victim to psychological disarray in the first film, in the latter we see a more positive working through of the human psychology. A sign of the times, perhaps?

Ludwig der Zweite, König von Bayern (Ludwig II of Bavaria)
Director: Wilhelm Dieterle
Germany, 1930, 132′, German intertitles

Screening: 19.00, CinemaxX 8

In the last years of his life, Bavarian king Ludwig II (1845 – 1886) devotes himself to ambitious architectural projects, which strain the state coffers to the extreme. The monarch, who is afraid of people, also withdraws more and more into a dream world at his various castles. His brother is already in a psychiatric institute and Ludwig is also eventually put under the care of psychiatrist Bernhard von Gudden. The king attempted to get out from under this guardianship at Starnberg lake … “If the upper echelons don’t like you, you must go …” Taking a down to earth point of view, this story of the “fairy tale king” depicts the descent of a broken character into mental breakdown. In Wilhelm Dieterle’s interpretation, fawning courtiers and officials, the heir apparent, and the medical profession all contributed to hastening the collapse. So the dispassionate film, which did not hide Ludwig’s fascination with the naked male body, drew intense criticism from Bavaria. When Berlin’s censorship board refused to intervene, Munich’s police commissioner imposed a ban on showing it on the grounds that it was “a danger to the public order.”

Touch Me Not
Director: Adina Pintilie
Romania/Germany/Czech Republic/Bulgaria/France, 2018, 125′, English, German

Screening: 22.00, Berlinale Palast

Laura cannot bear to be touched and recoils whenever anyone catches hold of her or takes her hand. She goes to see a therapist,
and orders a male prostitute, but her body is still like an armour. In a loose succession of scenes, we follow other people in search
of intimacy. Christian, who has to live with many physical impairments, talks candidly about what turns him on, what turns him off and his love life with his long-standing girlfriend. The couple participate in a workshop on body awareness attended by people of all ages, with and without disabilities, such as Tudor. His bald head makes him seem strangely vulnerable and he has yet to discover and accept the manifold forms of his desire. The cool images and laboratory-like atmosphere of this film help the viewer to jettison their own preconceived opinions and ideas of intimacy, as it takes us on an emotional expedition to illuminate the many different facets of sexuality beyond all taboos. Each scene develops its own sense of truthfulness, regardless of whether the situations have been staged or present documentary footage.