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Queer Academy Conference Panel 1: Queer Archives

Today, the Queer Academy Conference with more than 300 participants from all parts of the world takes place in the STATION-Berlin. The first panel of the day will be about Queer Archives. Here you find the question that we asked the participants before hand as well as an introduction to our panelists. For further informations you can have a look into the Queer Academy program booklet here. Continue reading Queer Academy Conference Panel 1: Queer Archives

Day 4: Look at this film!

I know, I know: it´s exhausting, loud, everywhere it is full of people who are stressed out, it´s cold, you tend to be tired out, YES all of these things are part of the Berlinale. But somehow you love it. The festive atmosphere, to know about all the fantastic movies being shown in the cinemas around you, all these filmlovers, filmmakers, red carpets, journalists who are stressed out trying to type something in their computers like maniacs. All this is also a part of the Berlinale and what makes it so exciting! But what can I say, it just started and I am just getting into the mood! Continue reading Day 4: Look at this film!

Day 2: The Kids are Alright (sometimes)

That relationships between parents and their children are not always the easiest, i am sure everyone got their stories to tell about that. But two of the films from the TEDDY program, which will be shown today, brings this subject on a whole new level. In “Jonathan”, the protagonist of the same name, takes care of his father who is sick of cancer. They have some tensions between them, because of the mother who disappeared and the father never talked about it. When an old friend of a father shows up who reveals some secrets of the past, Jonathans world starts to crumble and conflicts arises. In the movie “Don’t Call Me Son” we learn about a boy, who finds out that his “mother” stole him from a hospital when he was a newborn. Continue reading Day 2: The Kids are Alright (sometimes)