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All events will be streamed live on

Friday 11 Feb 2022  – 6pm cet
a TEDDY Jury Reception: 
The traditional introduction to our TEDDY AWARD Jury as Online talk
Zsombor Bobák in conversation with this year’s TEDDY jury members Robert Moussa, Joanna Ostrowska, Faridah Gbadamosi & Pepe Ruiloba about their festivals, the TEDDY jury’s work and what a Queer Film Prize means to them.
Saturday 12 Feb 2022  – 4pm cet
TEDDY Talk: The TEDDY Winners Path through a Pandemic 
Samuel Girma in conversation with Eliane Raheb & John Greyson  
A conversation between the winners of the past TEDDY AWARDS and how winning the TEDDY AWARD during the pandemic influenced their films path, plus what that path looked like during the second year of this ongoing pandemic. After the first online edition of the TEDDY, film programmer Samuel Girma will talk through what challenges and surprises confronted these filmmakers and their award winning films over the course of their festival tour.  

Sunday 13 Feb.2022  – 4pm  cet
TEDDY Talk: Evolving Experimentation  
Toby Ashraf in conversation with Liz Rosenfeld, Mohammad Shawky Hassan & Gustavo Vinagre 
For filmmakers who challenge the norm, not just in story, but also in form; we speak with three filmmakers whose works will be presented within Forum and Forum Expanded on the importance of experimentation within Queer Cinema. From the development process to story dictating the form or vice versa. Moreover, the struggles involved in evolving this art form in storytelling.  
Sunday 13 Feb 2022  – 6pm  cet
Nastaran Tajeri-Foumani in conversation with Idan Haguel, Alli Haapasalo & Antonio Marziale 
Three directors whose works screen within the 72nd Edition of the Berlinale meet and discuss the different motivations behind their respective films. From development through to post production, what role can hot topic issues play in a storyline and a characters motivation? How difficult is it to create complex characters within a socially critical work? 

Monday 14 Feb 2022  – 6pm cet

Queer Your Program: Online Speedy Film Pitches –
(on pre-registration only)
Moderator: Bartholomew Sammut 
Around 25 Filmmakers whose films are ready for distribution will present their projects within two-minute pitches to programmers, distributors and sales agents. Join in to find potentially your next opening night film. 
Monday 14 Feb 2022  – 8pm cet
Queer Industry Reception goes Online 
(on pre-registration only)
Moderator: Bartholomew Sammut 
Introduction: Michael Stütz 
The annual gathering of industry professionals from the Queer Film Industry, from filmmakers to programmers, to distributors and sales agents. What normally happens in person with a wine in hand and scribbled nametags on shirts, will happen once more online. We shall continue to come together as a community, connect and network, chat about the year we had, the films we look forward to and also to have a little drink and some much needed time together.  

All events will be streamed live on

TEDDY TODAY: Friday, June 18

We’re starting the tenth day of the Berlinale Summer Special with endless energy and positive vibes as a much-awaited day has finally arrived!! The 35th TEDDY AWARD CEREMONY is happening TODAY, the 18th of June 2021, at 7 PM!! This year, due to pandemic restrictions, the ceremony will be streamed live as an online event from our TEDDY studio. Catch our amazing jury – Esma Akyel, Samuel Girma and Sylvie Cachin – in action as they award the best LGBTQ*-related films of the year! Access the link below to attend:

Don’t miss the TEDDY AWARD Ceremony im livestream at
19h live at teddyaward.tv/live

The TEDDY Jury 2021

We are happy to announce this years TEDDY AWARD Jury. This year, three well-known filmmakers and festival organisers will select the winners in the categories of Best Feature Film and Best Short Film from the nominated queer films from the Berlinale, and will present the TEDDY Jury Award.


Sylvie Cachin_fotoCredit_© Karine Bénard
Sylvie Cachin_fotoCredit_© Karine Bénard

Sylvie Cachinis a film director whose award-winning films enjoyed success at numerous festivals before she joined Everybody’s Perfect – Geneva International Queer Film Festival as the artistic and general director in 2017. With a university education in art history, history and Italian language and literature (in Switzerland, Rome and Paris) and a master’s degree in film (from Geneva), she has worked in her own company, Lunafilm, as a screenwriter, cinematographer, editor and producer. Driven by a sense of exploration and freedom, she is radically committed to auteur cinema and to queer and feminist gazes. Passionate about experiencing and sharing a wide range of artistic moments, her programming aims at offering a new magic every year.

Samuel Girma, curator in film and art
Samuel Girma, curator in film and art

Samuel Girma is a curator in film and art, a community organizer and an activist based in Stockholm. He is currently undertaking research for an upcoming experimental short film about James Baldwin’s queerness and launching a Black cultural space for film and art. Samuel is a co-founder of the anti-racist, intersectional and feminist platform, Black Queers Sweden. Born and raised in Ethiopia, he emigrated to Sweden at the age of 13, a move that has greatly affected his view on Blackness and the experiences accompanying migration. Much of Samuel’s work, art and writing is inspired by and focuses on the experiences of Black bodies.

Esma Akyel, director of Pink Life QueerFest Turkey
Esma Akyel, director of Pink Life QueerFest Turkey

Esma Akyelis a LGBTI+ and transfeminist activist from Turkey. They are the director of Pink Life QueerFest which was established in 2011 and is the first and only queer film festival in Turkey. The festival is organized by the Pink Life LGBTI+ Solidarity Association which is also the first and biggest trans self-organization group in Turkey. Esma is a board member of ERA – LGBTI Equal Rights Association for the Western Balkans and Turkey. They are also one of the curators of QueerFest Berlin. They have a master’s degree in media and visual studies from Bilkent University.