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Day 9: Ceremony & Party

Dear friends, today it’s the day of the spectacular TEDDY Ceremony and Party which will take place at the STATION-Berlin at Gleisdreieck. The queer movies of the Berlinale will be awarded with a TEDDY AWARD in the categories: “Special TEDDY”, “Best Short”, “Best Feature Film” and “Best Documentary”. We will also have Continue reading Day 9: Ceremony & Party

Day 7: China, Baby

Berlinale has been running for one week now and I have the feeling it just started two days ago. Time is running super fast and we reached the seventh day of the Festival. And we really need a motto…how about…CHINA!

China’s law does not criminalize homosexuality but of course it’s not the favourite country you want to live in when you are a queer person. “Chinese censors consistently hone in on LGBT content in media and film” writes Xiaogang Wei, who is part of the TEDDY Jury, in a statement. So we are especially happy about having two chinese films with queer content at the Berlinale this year!

We’ve got a documentary named “Inside the Chinese Closet” which is following two gay people in their everyday life in China. Continue reading Day 7: China, Baby

Day 5: Strike a Pose!

No one in the world does not know the pop-icon Madonna. She is everywhere and in the showbiz since forever. The famous and wonderful documentary “Truth or Dare” followed the Popstar during her “Blond Ambition Tour” in 1990. For her tour, Madonna casted dancer from the voguing scene, which evolved out of the New Yorker gay subculture. The documentary is looking behind the scenes of the tour and shows Madonna in intimate moments with her dancers. They sit in bed, cuddle, talk, making fun. Madonna also wanted to take a political stance; the homosexuality of her dancers is in focus. Aids is also a subject. “Truth or Dare” happened in 1991, now we have 2016 and another documentary about the “Blond Ambition Tour” is coming, only 25 years later. Continue reading Day 5: Strike a Pose!

Virginia feat. Steffi & Dexter

For real electronic music and party fans, Virginia, Steffi and Dexter will be playing live. Virginia and Steffi are resident DJs at Berghain’s Panorama Bar and infamous for their wild House and Electro sets. Not only are they prolific producers but Virginia is also an exceptional singer, with a beautiful soulful voice. For the TEDDY AWARD show they’ll be joined by DJ and producer Dexter for their new joint live set that will serve as a glimpse into Virginia’s vocal‐rich album, to be released on Ostgut Ton in the Spring.