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The moment has come! After celebrating the incredible queer movies of the International Berlin Film Festival for the past month, we now know the names of the 2023 TEDDY AWARD winners.

The 37th edition of the TEDDY AWARD proved once again that there are infinite ways to tell queer stories. Our nominated films of 2023 illustrated this diversity in the best way possible, and we are overjoyed to see the work of all the directors, actors and behind-the-scenes workers being praised and appreciated. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, only one can win!

Without further ado, here are the 2023 winners. And the TEDDY goes to…


Directed by Babatunde Apalowo

Film still All the Colours of the World Are Between Black and White © Polymath Pictures


Directed by Matthew Thorne & Derik Lynch

Film still Marungka tjalatjunu | Dipped in Black © Other Pictures


ORLANDO, MA BIOGRAPHIE POLITIQUE (Orlando, My Political Biography)
Directed by Paul B. Preciado

Film still Orlando, ma biographie politique | Orlando, My Political Biography © Les Films du Poisson


VICKY NIGHT for her performance in SILVER HAZE
Regie: Sacha Polak

Film still Silver Haze © Viking Film


Andriy Khalpakhchi
Bohdan Zhuk

Zsombor Bobák , co-host

Zsombor Bobák  joined the TEDDY team in 2018 and has since then seen almost all queer films at the Berlinale. With his insightful and competent interviews and conversations with the directors, he gives us a deep insight into the world of queer cinema and the makers every year on TEDDYAWARD TV. He holds an M.A. in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image from the University of Amsterdam and is a PhD student at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. His field of research is queer archiving methods that bring the LGBTQ+ history of Central and Eastern Europe to life. He is passionate about queer moving images and recently started to explore the productive engagement of academic research and found footage filmmaking. 

Live on stage – LUNA

We’re happy to have LUNA performing at this year’s TEDDY AWARD. The 20-year-old sings about her own coming-out, setting a universal statement about the courage to be yourself. And who but her would be predestined than LUNA, a young girl from the Bavarian provinces, ill-fitting into the traditional picture of what a girl should be like. 

Her single ‘Blau’ presents a hymn to her own coming-out, saying: “I liked the idea of writing a song I would have needed to hear myself.” 

LUNA – blau

LUNA blurs the borders between modern, rap-influenced sounds and classical songwriter-arrangements. Her powerful voice tells a tale of falling and standing up, honoring pop music’s promise to be a voice for the different ones, for the freaks. Power and empowerment! 

LUNA © Jeanette Friedrich

If you want to see LUNA live on the TEDDY Awards stage on February 24th, you can book tickets for the ceremony now on the Webshop der Volksbühne or by calling the Ticket-Hotline 030-240 65-277.

Live on stage – AŸA 

The artist AŸA (Avia Shoshani) is an independent creator based in Berlin for the last 4 years. Half Maroccan, half Yemen, she moved from a little town in the desert of Israel/Palestine to the huge and colorful city of Berlin to find her voice as a Jewish-Arab woman in modern society.

Growing up in an environment of political and personal crisis in Israel, AŸA had no alternative but to put her struggles into her musical storytelling, and she has so much to say. In each and every performance, AŸA demonstrates a wide range of experience, consistently delivering one-of-a-kind live adventures – taking audiences along for a very honest, but magical journey. She found her voice while performing on the biggest world stages including Eurovision, arenas filled with thousands of people, tv shows, clubs, circuses, theaters, star observatories, and more.

AŸA – Most Of The Time

We cannot wait to hear AŸA’s captivating voice on the stage of the TEDDY Awards on February 24th ! Tickets for the ceremony are available now on the Webshop der Volksbühne or by calling the Ticket-Hotline 030-240 65-277.

34th TEDDY AWARD Ceremony and After Show

On the 28th of February, 2020 we are going to celebrate the 34th TEDDY AWARD and the preparations are in full swing! The venue for the award ceremony and the TEDDY PARTY will be at the Volksbühne Berlin.

Tickets for the 34th TEDDY AWARD ceremony and the after show party are available from now on via the ticket hotline +49 (0)30-240 65-777 or the Volksbühne Webshop. Additionally, tickets are available through Prinz Eisenherz Bookshop (also without booking fee).

For the special support of the Teddy e.V., we offer a limited amount of premium tickets. With the purchase of a premium ticket, you will be guest of honour in the best seating category. Furthermore, you will be invited to an exclusive pre-reception between 07:00 and 08:00 pm on the evening of the ceremony. You can fill in the form for your premium ticket here.

For all our guests who were unable to acquire a ticket for the ceremony we offer a screening lounge ticket, which will allow you to watch the ceremony broadcast from the comforts of Roter Salon and Grüner Salon. Free admission to the after show party is included in the price. 

FRIDAY, February 28, 2020
19:00 Reception
21:00 TEDDY AWARD Ceremony at the Volksbühne Berlin
23:30 Don’t miss the legendary TEDDY After Show PARTY on 3 dancefloors with 6 DJs:

Premium ticket cat. A incl. reception: 150,- EUR
Seat category A: 75,- EUR
Seat category B: 50,- EUR
Seat category C: 30,- EUR
Screening lounge: 20,- EUR
party: 15,- EUR

TICKET HOTLINE & INFO tel.: +49 (0)30-240 65-777

The TEDDY AWARD is a non-profit event. The TEDDY AWARD finances itself only by contributions of sustaining members and patrons of the Teddy e.V., by donation of supporters, the contribution of many voluntary helpers as well as sponsors and the earnings of the award ceremony.