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The TEDDY AWARD is a societal engaged political award, which is given to films and people, that communicate queer themes and content on a large scale and contribute with this to more tolerance, acceptance, solidarity and equality in society.

The TEDDY AWARD has with this not only cultural importance. As long as homosexuality is threatened in parts of the world with the capital punishment and is even in towns like Berlin a homophobe power in the agenda, TEDDY AWARD also carries a political significance and responsibility.


Within the scope of the International Film Festival the TEDDY will award the queer film Award’s, in the categories the best feature, the best documentaries / essay film and the best short film, as well as the Special Teddy for artistic life’s work given to an outstanding personality. Movies from all sections of the International Film Festival Berlin – most of them world premieres – compete every year for the TEDDY AWARD. The line-up of the present TEDDY AWARD winners goes from international star-directors such as: Pedro Almodóvar, Gus van Sant, Derek Jarman and Werner Schroeter to international on-screen stars such as Helmut Berger, Joe Dallesandro, John Hurt, Udo Kier and Oscar-Winner Tilda Swinton.

The TEDDY AWARD is a non-profit event. The TEDDY AWARD finances itself only by contributions of sustaining members and patrons of the Teddy e.V., by donation of supporters, the contribution of many voluntary helpers as well as sponsors and the earnings of the award ceremony.



10th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin 2015

Welcome to the 10th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin and get ready for our Return to Oz!

To celebrate the release of the Program we are pleased to also share with you this years XPOSED Festival Trailer created by Marion Habringer.

About XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin

Ten years of shaping, forming, breaking, discovering and finding ­ XPOSED is about QUEER FILM in all it’s forms, glory, shame, distaste, trash and beauty. Sometimes it’s all in one and sometimes it’s spread out like Blanche at the Rusty Anchor.
XPOSED was started as a passion project, a passion for Queer Film, for Berlin and the ever expanding possibilities of storytelling within the world of Queer Film ­ and the festival remains to this day a passion project. This festival is made by people who enjoy making festival, who enjoy queer films, filmmakers and queer Berlin, and this is reflected within the programming of the festival.
By not only screening some of the newest films around, XPOSED takes special care to always mix their programs with new and old films, be it in a short film program or a feature screening with a short. XPOSED enjoys creating programs and these programs can only be created by looking at the queer perspective from all corners of the world, perspectives that challenge normative views, propose an alternate way of thinking, and approach life and story telling from another way.
Created in 2006, the XPOSED International Queer Film Festival has built itself with the aim of creating entertaining, odd, left of centre Queer Film Programs that also in turn eXPOSE the Queer Filmmakers out into the international world of Queer Festivals and beyond. You can only be you when you are truly XPOSED. This festival, in the end, is about YOU.

The Teddy is back! First news

We just started preparing the 29th TEDDY AWARD – The Queer Film Award at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival (05-15th Feb. 2015).

Just like in the years before, also the 29th TEDDY AWARD opens its family album and reminds us of outstanding queer characters. Homage will be paid to director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. This year’s artwork shows our queer icon Rainer Werner Fassbinder  drawn by Rinaldo Hopf on a poster designed by cabine.


The advance ticket sale has begun. The tickets for the 29th TEDDY AWARD Ceremony are available from now on. The awards will be given away during the 65. Berlin International Film Festival on Friday, 13th February 2015. The location of the festive awarding will be in 2015 again the Komische Oper Berlin.

At the festive TEDDY AWARD Ceremony with more than 2000 guests from the fields of art, culture, economy and politics, the TEDDY AWARD will be awarded in the categories: Best Feature Film, Best Documentary/Essay Film and Best Short Film. Also in this year, movies from all sections of the Berlinale compete for the awards. The Special TEDDY AWARD for artistic life achievements is given to outstanding personalities.

Besides of the award winners of the evening, a high class artistic stage programme will await the audience. Among many others, the Orchestra of the Komische Oper, actress and diseuse Ingrid Caven  and the Austrian electro-pop group pop:sch will perform on the TEDDY stage. Your host for the evening will be Jochen Schropp.

05-15th Feb. 2015                  65. International Film Festival Berlin

FRIDAY Feb. 06, 2015

FRIDAY Feb. 13, 2015
21:00 TEDDY AWARD Ceremony, Komische Oper Berlin
23:00 TEDDY AWARD Closing Party @ SchwuZ

Ticket-Hotline: +49 (0)30 – 4799 7474

Tickets for the TEDDY AWARD Ceremony are available from now on in the online shop at Ticket reservation is possible via e-mail: or via the Ticket Hotline 030 – 4799 7474 and at the Ticket Office of the Komische Oper Berlin. Without booking fee the tickets are available in Prinz Eisenherz Bookshop, Motzstraße 23, 10777 Berlin.

TEDDY Supporter Ticket A incl. TEDDY Reception: 136,- EUR
Seat category A: 68,- EUR
Seat category B: 57,- EUR
Seat category C: 42,- EUR

TICKET HOTLINE & INFO phone: +49-(0)30-4799 7474

Interviews 2014

Interview with Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren about their movie “The Dog”

Interview with the Crew of “Fucking Different”

Interview with Diego Araujo about his film “Feriado (Holiday)”

Interview with Marie Losier  about  her film “Bim, Bam, Boom Las Luchas Morenas”

Interview with Sakaris Stórá   about  his film “Vetrarmorgun”

Interview with  John Trengova  about  his film “iBhokhwe”

Interview with  Chris Mason Johnson  about  his film “Test”

Interview with Daniel Ribeiro about  “The Way he Looks”

Interview with Adam Csasci about his movie “Vihasarok” (Land of Storms)

Interview mit Roy Dib about his movie “Mondial 2010″

Interview mit Bruce LaBruce about his film “Pierrot Lunaire”

Interview with Jayan Cherian  about his film “Papilio Buddha”

Interview with Karim Ainouz about his film “Praia do Futuro”

Interview with Elfie Mikesch about her film “Fieber”

Interview with director Stefan Haupt and the crew of the film “Der Kreis”

Interview with the director and the crew of the film “Night Flight”

Interview with Director Diogo Amarante about his film “As Rosas Brancas

Interview with Director Ira Sachs about the Film “Love is Strange”

Interview with Sophie Hyde (director) and Tilda Cobham-Harvey (cast) about the film ”52 Tuesdays

Interview with Director Joselito Altarejos and Actor Sandino Martin about the film “Unfriend

Interview Gregory Warren Producer of ”Through A Lens Darkly

Interview ZhouHao ”Ye” (The Night)

Interview Davi Pretto “Castanha”

Interview John Maloof and Charlie Siskel “Finding Vivian Maier”

Interview Jury TEDDY AWARD Jury members 2014

Interview Wieland Speck, Director PANORAMA Berlin International Film Festival