Interviews 2014

Interview with Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren about their movie “The Dog”

Interview with the Crew of “Fucking Different”

Interview with Diego Araujo about his film “Feriado (Holiday)”

Interview with Marie Losier  about  her film “Bim, Bam, Boom Las Luchas Morenas”

Interview with Sakaris Stórá   about  his film “Vetrarmorgun”

Interview with  John Trengova  about  his film “iBhokhwe”

Interview with  Chris Mason Johnson  about  his film “Test”

Interview with Daniel Ribeiro about  “The Way he Looks”

Interview with Adam Csasci about his movie “Vihasarok” (Land of Storms)

Interview mit Roy Dib about his movie “Mondial 2010″

Interview mit Bruce LaBruce about his film “Pierrot Lunaire”

Interview with Jayan Cherian  about his film “Papilio Buddha”

Interview with Karim Ainouz about his film “Praia do Futuro”

Interview with Elfie Mikesch about her film “Fieber”

Interview with director Stefan Haupt and the crew of the film “Der Kreis”

Interview with the director and the crew of the film “Night Flight”

Interview with Director Diogo Amarante about his film “As Rosas Brancas

Interview with Director Ira Sachs about the Film “Love is Strange”

Interview with Sophie Hyde (director) and Tilda Cobham-Harvey (cast) about the film ”52 Tuesdays

Interview with Director Joselito Altarejos and Actor Sandino Martin about the film “Unfriend

Interview Gregory Warren Producer of ”Through A Lens Darkly

Interview ZhouHao ”Ye” (The Night)

Interview Davi Pretto “Castanha”

Interview John Maloof and Charlie Siskel “Finding Vivian Maier”

Interview Jury TEDDY AWARD Jury members 2014

Interview Wieland Speck, Director PANORAMA Berlin International Film Festival


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