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6. Day: You are TEDDY

You are the wonder of the TEDDY AWARD.

The coming-out of one person can run through society like a storm. You know that deeds your deeds can change the world. You get up and cheer for others. And all of you together have a voice that will be heard. Or you remain seated and help in quiet. You show presence, because you are there.
You are the reason, why movies are made. You are the reason, why we show the movies. With your critics you drive us crazy. Of happiness. Because you watch our movies, even if you do not always like them. You are our audience and therefore you are no luxury but our biggest luck.
There are many reasons not to make a film festival. And the best to do it anyways: You.
You can talk with us and we try to let you talk through the movies, to explain your world. We hope you learn from us – but surely we learn even more from you. For you even the smallest cinema room becomes a place of adventure and magic. The magic we wish for, for you. We need more of you, because without you the presence wouldn’t be any fun and the future would already be gone.

You are the Berlinale.
YOU are the TEDDY.


(Happy to be Different)


An older gay couple in a city in northern Italy talk about their decades-long relationship. A man describes how he was physically abused by his father because of his sexual identity. Gay men from across the social classes and regions of the country have their say and discuss the different conditions which determined gay life in Italy. There is a discomfiting and controversial discrepancy between the reality of the individual accounts and the media coverage. The latter often portrays gay people with a discriminatory irony or is manipulating, especially where intellectuals are concerned. With FELICE CHI È DIVERSO, Gianni Amelio relates a gay history of Italy since fascist times. His analysis of social conditions is both moving and enraging and refuses to allow the audience to remain indifferent.

Cinestar 7, 12.00am

(The Circle)

Founded in the early 1940s, the networkDer_Kreis_2 around the magazine DER KREIS (’The Circle’) was the only gay organisation to survive the Nazi regime. Legendary masked balls in Zurich provided 800 visitors from all over Europe. It is there that timid teacher Ernst Ostertag falls in love with drag star Röbi Rapp. Ernst searches for a way to fight for his gayness to be accepted as normal outside the boundaries of ‘The Circle’ network without losing his employment as a teacher.
Stefan Haupt’s new film uncovers the fascinating universe of one of the first gay liberation communities. Enriched by impressive conversational records with Ernst Ostertag and Röbi Rapp, the film depicts a decades-long love story.


Cinestar 7, 2.30pm

(Finding Vivian Maier)

John Maloof loves forced sales where he can acquire items from an individual’s private estate. One day he makes the astonishing discovery of a box of undeveloped films and negatives that were found in an attic. There are a particularly large number of photographs of children, absorbed in play, or staring confidently into the lens. But who was behind the camera? And why were the photographs of Vivian Maier never discovered? John Maloof embarks on his research. He is hunting for clues about the life of this woman who for over forty years travelled the world with her camera. His ensuing portrait is a fascinating depiction of an artist with an open gaze to which even strangers consented.

Finding_Vivian_Maier_1 Finding_Vivian_Maier_2

Cinestar 7, 5.00pm

(The White Roses)

A group of people dance at a sports ground to the music of Supertramp. The siblings take flowers to a grave in the deep snow, wearing floral wreaths in their hair. The father directs them. They embrace one another. Memories are invoked by pictures enclosed inside Gabriel’s, the brother’s, amulet. The mother is dead – how will they fill the void she left behind? Each individual family member tries to find their way, is obliged to redefine their course. Calm are the images and gestures that lead us through this film. Of the utmost importance however, is the question of how to proceed with the mother inside one’s heart.

as_rosas_brancas_1 as_rosas_brancas_7

Colosseum 1, 5.45pm

(Praia Do Futuro)

Water is lifeguard Donato’s element and Praia_do_futuro_1the sea is his home. When two men are caught by a dangerous current, Donato manages to save Konrad, a German tourist, but his best friend’s life is claimed by the sea. Konrad and his rescuer get to know each other and their initial physical attraction turns into an emotional bond. Praia_do_futuro_7Donato follows Konrad to Berlin, a city that may not be by the sea but which is nonetheless a place where he can reinvent himself. Years later, Donato is confronted with his past when his younger brother Ayrton appears at his door.
Berlin-based Brazilian director Karim Aïnouz follows those in search of love and identity who are prepared to risk everything to discover themselves.

 Berlinale Palast, 7.00pm

(Mario Wirz)


Six weeks before his death from cancer, poet Mario Wirz takes a walk with his friend Rosa von Praunheim during which he candidly shares his final thoughts on, among other things, the power of love and positive thinking: ‘Let’s live!’

Cinestar, 7.30pm

(Vulva 3.0)

Many women are still deeply prudish whenVulva_3.0_1 it comes to the relationship with their own body, while in public we see de-individualised anatomies which conform to the standards of attractiveness used by the porn industry. The resultant insecurity many women feel about their own bodies has proven to be a gold-mine for cosmetic genital surgery.
With their comprehensive research into the history of this particular aspect of the female anatomy in the 21st century, the directors shed light on it, from sex education to censorship, from the airbrushing of ‘misshapen’ labia in pornographic images to the work of activists against female genital mutilation – and in doing so celebrate the diversity of the female body.


Cinestar 7, 8.00pm

(Pierrot Lunaire)


A young woman that regularly dresses as a man falls in love and seduces a young girl that has no clue that her lover is of the same sex. When the girl introduces ‘her boyfriend’ to her father he becomes skeptical and unmasks the fraud.

 Pierrot_Lunaire_3    Pierrot_Lunaire_1

   Kino Arsenal 1, 10.30pm

(Papilio Buddha)

Shankaran discovers a rare butterfly, the Papilio Buddha, which is only found in the Western Ghats in India. It is a near perfect moment for him and his gay friend, Jack. The American accompanies Shankaran home where he witnesses an argument between Shankaran and his father which he fails to understand. His father is the leader of a group of Dalits, or low caste ‘untouchables’ who are engaged in a brutal struggle for land rights in many places in India. Although their rights have been enshrined in the constitution since independence, the police regard Dalits as terrorists. Shankaran is put behind bars and Jack is soon expelled from the country on account of his association with him.

Papilio_Buddha_1 Papilio_Buddha_2

Colosseum 1, 10.30pm

(Quick Change)

’You’ll be beautiful and it won’t even hurt!’ This is what Dorina promises dozens of her clients. She has come to Manila from Japan to help them realise their dream of winning a Miss Gay or Miss Amazing beauty contest. Decked out in the eccentric and colourful costumes of the show there’s no sign of the earlier injections into their cheeks, nose, lips, breasts, hips and behind. Until one day the dark side of this artificially created beauty comes to light.
With documentary precision and breathtaking speed director Eduardo Roj, Jr. follows his heroine as she moves through the harsh world of a community obsessed with beauty and with improving their chances of a career.

quick_change_2   quick_change_1

Cinemaxx 7, 10.30pm

(The Way He Looks)


Giovana is Leo’s best friend. They spend their afternoons at the pool, awarding points for the level of their boredom and just hanging out. Leo is rather self-contained; even his schoolmates’ barbs can’t dent his sense of his own independence. This blind fifteen-year old hoje_eu_quero_voltar_sozinho_2wants to take control of his own life. The arrival of a new pupil, Leo, at school prompts Leo to reassess his daily routine. As naturally as Leo becomes aware of his feelings for Gabriel, the more he allows himself to feel unsettled by his friend’s tentative advances. The winner of the hoje_eu_quero_voltar_sozinho_32008 Crystal Bear has the protagonists of his first feature-length drama orbit each other in an emotional universe of fierce attractions.


Cinestar 3, 10.45pm

#teddyhost: Jochen Schropp

Actor and TV presenter Jochen Schropp is well known as host of the successful show X-Factor. In 2011 Jochen Schropp was awarded the Bavarian TV Prize for his presentation. In 2010 and 2011 he was nominated for the German TV Prize in the category Best Entertainer, and in 2007 for the Grimme Prize. Among many other appearances on television, he played the pathologist in the crime series Polizeiruf 110.

When: 14.02.14
9 pm @TEDDY AWARD Gala
WhereKomische Oper Berlin
Ticket Hotline: Tel.: +49-(0)30-4799 7474

Picture © Sandra Semburg

#teddyartist: Nuclear Family

Nuclear Family is the musical brainchild of Nikolaj Tange Lange and occasional partner in crime, Andreas Tange Lange. Nikolaj writes the songs, programs the sounds, and sings too – and even plays a couple of instruments from time to time. Andreas adds a helluva lotta attitude, killer outfits, and sings along when he remembers. Nuclear Family have played over 100 gigs in all parts of Europe – three times at the Copenhagen Queer Festival, twice at the Berlin Porn Festival, and once at the 50th birthday of Danish movie director Lars Von Trier.

When: 14.02.14
23 Uhr @TEDDY AWARD Closing Party
Where: SchwuZ

#teddyartist: Joey Hansom

As a DJ, Joey Hansom has carved a niche with his transgenre approach, with no distinction between the myth of underground versus mainstream, bringing a bit of color into the cold, gray beats that dominate Berlin’s club scene. He has played throughout Europe as well as a number of Berlin’s top locations (Watergate, Bar 25), parties and festivals. Joey’s style blends together selections spanning all eras of dance music, mostly using vinyl (although the “analog versus digital” debate makes him roll his eyes).

When: 14.02.14
11 pm @TEDDY AWARD After Show Lounge
WhereKomische Oper Berlin
Ticket Hotline: Tel.: +49-(0)30-4799 7474

#teddyartist: Jessica Gadani

Jessica Gadani is a singer from Upstate New York. She received a classical singing education at the Ithaca College in New York State. She sang in many opera productions in the USA as mezzo-soprano and has worked for four years as a freelance singer and performer in Berlin. She sings regularly in a cabaret, which she founded three years ago together the performer Jack Woodhead. Her own show evening is called “Fish and Whips”. With Berlin based artists such as Ariel Efraim Ashabel, Santiago Blaum, Johannes Müller and Andreas Liebmann she sang, performed and moved around on the stages of the world.

When: 14.02.14
9 pm @TEDDY AWARD Gala
WhereKomische Oper Berlin
Ticket Hotline: Tel.: +49-(0)30-4799 7474