#teddyartist: Jessica Gadani

Jessica Gadani is a singer from Upstate New York. She received a classical singing education at the Ithaca College in New York State. She sang in many opera productions in the USA as mezzo-soprano and has worked for four years as a freelance singer and performer in Berlin. She sings regularly in a cabaret, which she founded three years ago together the performer Jack Woodhead. Her own show evening is called “Fish and Whips”. With Berlin based artists such as Ariel Efraim Ashabel, Santiago Blaum, Johannes Müller and Andreas Liebmann she sang, performed and moved around on the stages of the world.

When: 14.02.14
9 pm @TEDDY AWARD Gala
WhereKomische Oper Berlin
Ticket Hotline: Tel.: +49-(0)30-4799 7474

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