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TEDDY TODAY: 17.02.2022

Today is the start of Berlinale’s “Publikumstag” (Audience Day), which usually only happens on the last Sunday of the festival. This year, there’s four days to catch up on all the movies you haven’t seen yet. 🎞

As always, you can find all the times and cinemas below.

And don’t forget: tomorrow at 9 pm CET you can watch the live ceremony of the TEDDY AWARDS via our livestream. You can find our fabulous lineup here.


17.02. / 15:30 Filmtheater am Friedrichshain

Bashtaalak sa’at (Shall I Compare You to a Summer’s Day?)
17.02. / 21:00 Cubix 7

Berdreymi (Beautiful Beings)
17.02. / 19:00 Zoo Palast 1

Calcinculo (Swing Ride)
17.02. / 17:00 CinemaxX 3

Concerned Citizen
17.02. / 21:00 Zoo Palast 2

17.02. / 14:00 Werkstattkino@silent green

Dreaming Walls
17.02. / 20:30 CinemaxX 4

Home When You Return
17.02. / 14:00 Werkstattkino@silent green

Jet Lag
17.02. / 15:00 Delphi Filmpalast

Ladies Only
17.02. / 18:00 CinemaxX 1
17.02. / 18:00 CinemaxX 2

Lay Me by the Shore
17.02. / 20:00 Cubix 8

A Love Song
17.02. / 21:00 Titania Palast

Mars Exalté (Exalted Mars)
17.02. / 15:30 Titania Palast

Nel mio nome (Into My Name)
17.02. / 14:00 CinemaxX 3

Nelly & Nadine
17.02. / 20:00 Cubix 9

The Rising
17.02. / 18:00 Zoo Palast 2

17.02. / 19:00 CinemaxX 9

17.02. / 19:00 CinemaxX 9

Três tigres tristes (Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter)
17.02. / 17:00 Kino Arsenal 1

Le variabili dipendenti (The Dependent Variables)
17.02. / 11:00 Urania

Viens je t’emmène (Nobody’s Hero)
17.02. / 22:00 Zoo Palast 1

TEDDY TODAY: 14.02.2022

It might be Monday again but that shouldn’t stop you from going for a cheeky cinema evening today 😉

We’ve got 8 exquisite premieres lined up so there’s plenty to choose from. Have a browse below and enjoy!



Directed by: David Findlay
Canada 2022

Film still Lay Me by the Shore, © David Findlay

Synopsis: Summer days in the quiet suburb are warm and shimmering. Still, between images of parties and intimate moments with his girlfriend, trans-teenager Noah is repeatedly plagued by flashbacks that arrive out of the blue. Though all is calm around him, the sound of the river is overwhelming inside his head. Noah’s best friend died in a sporting accident. The departed’s presence is still palpable, haunting what were supposed to be care-free days. 


14.02. / 21:00 HKW


Directed by: Simon Maria Kubiena
Germany, Austria 2022

Film still Blaues Rauschen | Blue Noise, © Dennis Banemann

Synopsis: His T-shirt caked with mortar, Alex takes a thoughtful drag on his cigarette. The other apprentices are laughing, throwing punches and showing off their fighting moves. They try to draw him into their game, but his thoughts seem elsewhere – not even his girlfriend can get through to him. Alex is searching for answers and he withdraws from the expectations of those around him. He eventually finds himself, at ease among a group of complete strangers. 


14.02. / 17:30 HKW

TERMINAL NORTE (North Terminal)

Directed by: Lucrecia Martel
Argentina 2021

Film still Terminal norte | North Terminal, © Rei Cine SRL

Synopsis: During the 2020 lockdown, Lucrecia Martel returns to her home in Salta, Argentina’s most conservative region. Here she follows Julieta Laso who, like a muse, introduces her to a group of female artists and defiant people who exchange glances and opinions around a fire. Perfectly attuned to a body of work that constructs stories from an amalgam of people and places and, four years after the beautiful Zama, Terminal Norte marks the return to the screen of Argentina’s greatest filmmaker. The result is a gripping tribute to a community that, temporary though it may be, serves as a magnificent antidote to the pandemic. 


14.02. / 14:00 Akademie der Künste


Directed by: Scott Lazer
USA, 2022

Film still West By God, © salmo 202203918_1, Aphrodite Armstrong, Kyle Riggs

Synopsis: Dale is used to everybody wanting something from him. As a drug dealer in small-town West Virginia, it kind of goes with the territory. Nelly remains unimpressed, even when he does a little business on the side during their first date. The high school student exerts fascination on Dale. He can talk to her – about dreams, regrets and the fact that maybe it’s not so cool after all when your own life has become a rap anthem. 


14.02. / 17:30 HKW


Directed by: Carlos Lobo
Portugal 2022

Film still Aos dezasseis At Sixteen, © Olhar de Ulisses

Synopsis: Transfixed, she follows the movements of a group of dancers rehearsing a routine. Watching two girls kiss, she longingly bites her lower lip – yet in the mirror, she studies her own reflection with disapproval. As feelings of desire vie with insecurity and dejection, the film reveals its 16-year-old protagonist’s emotions mainly through glances and facial expressions – her most explicit utterance being the one written on her forearm: TAKE ME DEMONS. 


14.02. / 17:30 HKW

SAB CHANGA SI (All Was Good)

Directed by: Teresa A Braggs
India, 2022

Film still Sab changa si | All Was Good, © Teresa A Braggs

Synopsis: Set in the backdrop of the nationwide 2019–2020 student protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act in India—filmed in the city of Bangalore—Sab changa si is an intimate documentary on friendships, language, love, youth, resistance, and identity of class, caste, religion, and gender. In this film, the political is personal. 


14.02. / 17:00 Kino Arsenal 1

TRÊS TIGRES TRISTES (Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter)

Directed by: Gustavo Vinagre
Brazil, 2022

Film still Três tigres tristes, © Cris Lyra

Synopsis: São Paulo, in a dystopian future not so very far from the present. A virus is circulating, one that mainly attacks the brain and the ability to remember. A state that has forgotten a past marked by colonialism and dictatorship desperately awaits some indeterminate “Golden Phase.” Three young queer people drift through a city bled dry by the pandemic and rampant capitalism, remembering each another’s late lovers, sharing their experiences with HIV, getting makeup tips for masked faces and ultimately coming together with others forgotten by society for an antique revue in the salon of a singer named Mirta. In Gustavo Vinagre’s affable, surrealist survey of a politically imposed amnesia, a queer era has dawned in which memories can only survive because they are shared collectively and passed on through affective relationships. Those who spread out in all directions do not collide. And those entirely unconcerned with dying rich and privileged are experiencing the Golden Phase right now. In Três tigres tristes, the margins of society glitter, forgotten by the pandemic. 


14.02. / 21:30 Delphi Filmpalast


Directed by: Alli Haapasalo
Finland, 2022

Film still Girl Picture, © Ilkka Saastamoinen / Citizen Jane Productions

Synopsis: It’s Friday night and just like every other week, best friends Rönkkö and Mimmi are busy beating back the darkness of the Finnish winter with an irrepressible lust for life and love. With her quirky wit, Rönkkö stands out at every party and has no trouble getting the boys’ attention – yet how do you turn desire into fulfilment? When Mimmi loses her temper, you might find yourself on the wrong end of her hockey stick. But when she falls in love with the graceful figure skater Emma, everything suddenly seems bright and easy. With its episodic narrative, Alli Haapasalo’s film tells a story of friendship, and of three exhilaratingly headstrong individuals trying to wrest dreams from reality and redefining relationships and sexuality along the way. 


14.02. / 20:00 Urania


Bashtaalak sa’at (Shall I compare you to a summer’s day?)
14.02. / 14:35 Cubix 3 (Screening for industry professionals | With accreditation only)

Calcinculo (Swing Ride)
14.02. / 21:00 Zoo Palast 2

Nel mio nome (Into My Name)
14.02. / 09:00 Cubix 1 (Screening for industry professionals | With accreditation only)

One Big Bag
14.02. / 20:00 Werkstattkino@silent green

Viens je t’emmène (Nobody’s Hero)
14.02. / 21:00 Intimes 1
14.02. / 21:00 Intimes 2