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All Films 2020

We’re excited to finally present the complete overview of all TEDDY films from this year’s Berlinale – with all the information you need about each film. Have fun creating your very own watchlist!

You can also find the TEDDY AWARD 2020 programme over on our website.


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Picture shows: Kieran (GARY CARR), Gemma (THALISSA TEIXEIRA), Ray (ARIANE LABED)
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FORUM Anniversary Programme


Day 4: short films and girls in love

Two short films today are dealing with upcoming feelings of young girls for other young girls, which are leading to big confusions…

In the swedish short “Min Homosyster”,Cleo is spending warm sunny days with her sister and her “cool” girlfriend Gabbi. She is thinking about who she is on love with and why she´s always so nervous when her friend Sadira calls.

“La prima sueca” tells the story of Cata, who is waiting for her 15th birthday to come. Her cousin Klara, who is visiting, seems to be quite strange to her. Why doesn´t she like to wear skirts and what´s with that sort hair cut? The initialy mistrust seems to fade and maybe Cata doesn´t think of Klara that bad after all.

These two short films who are running in the section “Generation” gently observe the coming of age of young women and the accompanying irritations they have to deal with. Where and when, you´ll find below yeat again ;) Continue reading Day 4: short films and girls in love

Day 2: Mexico!

To establish a theme-block at the second day of Berlinale, I want to introduce to you two films who are about people and places in Mexico.

First we have a film called “Casa Roshell”. A film about an event location in Mexico City, where everyone can be who they like to be. A kind of utopian space for people, who usually don´t have the possibility to express freely their sexuality.

The second film is a documentary about the singer Chavela Vargas, who lived all her life openly gay.  The women with the impressive voice had her career highlights in the 60´s and 90´s and turned women´s heads everywhere she went. A beautiful portrait about a far more beautiful and interesting woman. For more informations please look below! Have a nice day you all! Continue reading Day 2: Mexico!

Day 1: Panorama Opening-film “The Wound”

Beloved People, I can´t believe, but it´s true: Another year has passed and without even recognizing, the Berlinale is back again! Today it´s the opening day!

We gonna start the TEDDY programme with the Panorama opening-film called “The Wound”, which is running in CinemaxX 7 at 9 pm. In this debute feature film, South African film maker John Trengove is showing circumcision rituals and two men who are beginning to question these rituals.

In calm and detailed shots, Kwandas perspective as an outsider is shown, who has to live in a world which is rejecting him for what he is. Continue reading Day 1: Panorama Opening-film “The Wound”