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TEDDY TODAY: 16th of February 2024

Welcome back to the second day of the 74th Berlinale and its queer program. Today there are a several premiers of stunning queer films as well as the TEDDY Jury Reception. Find more information about the event by clicking here. Six films are premiering today and we have two great interviews for you.


Teaches for Peaches

“Have you heard the Teaches of Peaches? Don´t miss this tour the force portrait of an uncompromising and unapologetic queer icon. Free yourself and fuck the pain away!”

Seamlessly weaving together exclusive archival gems with dynamic tour footage, this documentary captures the transformative journey of Canadian Merrill Nisker into the internationally acclaimed cultural powerhouse that is Peaches.

Premiere: 21.02 / 21:30 Zoo Palast 1

🎥 22.02 / 18:30 Cubix 9
🎥 23.02 / 12:15 Verti Music Hall

Click here to learn more about the film!

I Don´t Want To Be Just A Memory

“In this deeply moving film about loss and collective grief, Berlin’s queer community raises awareness about the ever growing issue of substance-related deaths in the scene. An emotive and urgent piece of filmmaking.

Berlin queer community members mourn the substance abuse-related loss of their friends by sharing memories and rituals. Resembling glow-in-the-dark fungi, they radiate light together as a network of support and care.

Premiere: 16.02/ 16:00 Kino Arsenal 1

🎥 17.02/ 21:00 Kino Betonhalle@Silent Green
🎥 22.02/ 19:30 Kino Arsenal 2
🎥 22.02/ 19:30 Cubix 7
🎥25.02/ 19:00 Kino International

Want to learn more about this film? Click here!


All Shall Be Well

Directed by: Ray Yeung
Hong Kong, China, 2024, 93′

Filmstill All Shall Be Well © Mise en Scene filmproduction

When her partner Pat unexpectedly dies, Angie is left to worry about the flat in which the couple lived together for over 30 years. Supported by her chosen family, Angie begins a later-life journey into emancipation.


16.02. / 19:30 Kino International


Directed by: Tilman Singer
2024, Germany, USA, 102′

Filmstill Cuckoo ©  NEON

Gretchen travels to the German Alps with her father and stepmother. In the resort town where they are staying, she comes across some
dark secrets. She hears strange noises and is plagued by frightening visions of a woman chasing her. Gretchen is drawn into a
conspiracy involving bizarre experiments by the resort’s owner that echoes back generations…


16.02. / 21:00 Verti Music Hall

detours while speaking of monsters

Directed by: Deniz Şimşek
Germany, Turkey, 2024, 18′

Filmstill detours while speaking of monsters ©  Deniz Şimşek

Here, where even monsters are political, the topography has its own memory. It has the mythological blues. Meanwhile, old gods are upset with us, and I am upset with my father.


16.02. / 16:00 Kino Arsenal 1


Directed by: Zuza Banasińska
Netherlands, Poland, 2024, 23′

Filmstill Grandmamauntsistercat ©  Zuza Banasińska / Educational Film Studio in Łódź

Created from archival materials from communist Poland, the film tells the story of a multispecies matriarchal family through the eyes of a child grappling with the reproduction of ideological and representational systems.


16.02. / 16:00 Kino Arsenal 1

I Don’t Want To Be Just A Memory

Directed by: Sarnt Utamachote
Germany, 2024, 20′

Filmstill I Don’t Want To Be Just A Memory © Nordic Media House

Fellow members of the Berlin queer community mourn together the loss of their dead friends due to substance abuse and the mental health crisis as well as the loss of urban safe spaces in general. By sharing personal materials, stories, and honest criticism about the club scene, working on this film becomes a means of healing for this group of friends. Resembling glow-in-the-dark fungi, they radiate light together as a network of support and care, they transform dead bodies and memories into a collective structure that sustains future living..


16.02. / 16:00 Kino Arsenal 1

Winners (Sieger Sein)

Directed by: Soleen Yusuf
Germany, 2024, 119′

Film still Sieger Sein (Winners) © Stephan Burchardt / DCM

Eleven-year-old Mona and the rest of her seven-member Kurdish family have fled Syria and ended up in Berlin. Or, more precisely, the
neighbourhood of Wedding where Mona is sent to a notorious primary school attended by 90 percent “foreigners”. Chaos reigns in the
school. Most of the teachers are having a nervous breakdown and frustration levels amongst the pupils are growing by the day. Mona
feels it, too. She can barely speak German, but she can speak football. In her hometown, she often played street football with her mates.
She misses her home, her friends and especially her aunt Helin. She was Mona’s hero who always supported her passion for football.
Everything is different in Germany. Then a dedicated teacher called Mr Che recognises Mona’s special talent and selects her for the
girls’ team. But this well-intentioned gesture fails to make things any easier. Mona is quickly identified as an outsider and playing in a
team with the other girls turns out to be more difficult than expected. Each of them is fighting their own battles but one thing soon
becomes clear: they will only win if they all play together.


16.02. / 15:30 HKW 1 – Miriam Makeba Auditorium


16.02. / 12:00 Verti Music Hall