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Russia’s streets should become safer

In many parts of the world the people think, that especially the women are the worse car drivers. In Russia, they go one step further. In order to reduce the accident statistics, not everybody will be allowed to get a driver’s license in the land of Putin.


Mental disorders are listed and can lead to a driving ban. These include also transsexuals and transvestites. It’s new that the sexual orientation decides on the fitness to drive and that minorities are an danger to the traffic.
Besides this obvious discrimination there are more potential troublemakers on the traffic in Russia, according to the interdiction catalogue there are also pedophiles, kleptomaniacs and gambling addicts a danger on the roads. A sexual minority is lumped together with people having mental disorders and criminals.

But Putin even abides by an official list of the WHO. Disorders of adult and behaviour are listed in the ICD-10 under subsection F60 to F69 . Besides a number of mental disorders, transsexualism and transvestism are also listed. Although, the list will be edited in May it gives rise to some questions. Even homosexuality was listed for many years.