Meet the DJs

This year’s TEDDY AWARD after-party promises to be anything but boring. Featuring DJ FRNZTE, DJ Marsmaedchen, and DJ Monique, the party will be filled with great music and the hottest beats. But before you hit the dance floor on February 23rd, let us introduce you to the talented DJs who will be providing the music.


FRZNTE is an East Berlin-born DJ, Pole Performer and Cultural Producer. 

In her pole performances, she combines performative, choreographic, and sculptural elements, often referring to the architectural context. Her body wrapping and moving around the pole becomes a kinetic sculpture and gesture of empowerment.  Most recently FRZNTE collaborated with Transmoderna, a digital art and electronic music collective co-founded by world renowned DJ Dixon. She has also performed with Peaches at Deutsche Oper, Berlin, on a bridge crossing the Spree as part of the performative boat ride Another Map to Nevada organized by The Performance Agency, as well as on a privatized parking lot within Guerrilla Architects & Alicia Augustín’s theater play 1km² Berlin – Akt II: A place to be. Die Tragödie der offenen Stadt. The digital performance project Next Waves Theatre hosted by Volksbühne brought FRZNTE on screen into the public’s living room; and the architecture magazine ARCH+ put her on the front page for their Berlin Praxis issue published in 2021.  She is occasionally on tour with the Icelandic artist and musician Apex Anima. They create a highly energetic audio-visual live show in which they fuse ethereal with physical, platonic with erotic and static with acrobatic moments.  As a DJ her mix of Hip Hop, Disco, Techno, Booty Beats and the most beautiful All Time Favourites transform art shows, film events and nightclubs into an extravaganza of wild parties. Her music is both trash and glam. Sometimes, she brings her pole to the party and stirs up a mirage of smoke with her slowly spinning high heels for her hypnotic Pole DJ Set.

And we continue with Marsmaedchen 

DJ Marsmaedchen

This exceptional acoustic phenomenon accelerates the intergalactic understanding of species with its universal language: all kinds of music. The dance floor becomes a terrestrial melting pot: Marsmaedchen is polyamorous in terms of sound, because almost every musical genre has beautiful examples. Extraterrestrial electro, weightless vocal house, intergalactic alternative/indie and rock that makes the big bang fizzle out? Marsmaedchen had them all, even if not in one evening. Her soundscape for a collective dance orgy: driving bass and safer sounds. There’s also the odd bit of well-placed trash. Marsmaedchen also fights for space peace. Their weapons: Confetti cannons and Balkan beats from a better world. Even the so-called mainstream is not only tolerated, but celebrated: with pop, charts and party classics, Marsmaedchen catapults the mood into higher spheres. And when homesickness for her Milky Way flares up, she lets Urban & R `n B pulsate through the speakers. As a self-confessed extraterrestrial, Marsmaedchen is at home everywhere, second home: Berlin. In addition to the capital’s clubs, she is often on the road in Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden and Munich. SO36, Gretchen Club, Übel und Gefährlich, Knust, Hühnerposten, Artheater, Kraftwerk Mitte and, of course, especially at SchwuZ. Night flight permission granted.
Beat us up, Marsmaedchen!

Let´s not forget DJ Monique

DJ Monique

As a DJ, I know that it’s a great challenge to get a crowd of people from different backgrounds, ages, and musical tastes on the dance floor. My favourite thing to do is play timeless classics that have dominated the charts for years and are loved by every generation. They have the power to turn a party from good to amazing and get a crowd of strangers in a party mood together. I enjoy filling the dance floor and creating an unforgettable party for everyone. I’m always looking for that one perfect song that will get everyone on the dance floor and get them moving. As a DJ, it’s my passion to wow the crowd with the best songs of all time. That’s why I prefer to play all-time favourites. I just love to see people getting down on the dance floor and celebrating life. Let’s get wild!

We are thrilled to have DJs performing at our TEDDY afterparty, which will take place at the Volksbühne this year. If you want to be a part of the TEDDY AWARD event, you can purchase tickets by visiting the Volksbühne website.