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The Hosts of the 38. TEDDY AWARD

We’ve got amazing hosts who will guide us through an unforgettable award ceremony this year. The talented duo, Jack Woodhead and Mark Wartenberg, will provide us with some great music to keep us entertained. And we have the charming Brix Schaumburg and the delightful Zsombor Bobák as our hosts for the night. Get ready for an amazing time!

Jack Woodhead

Jack Woodhead – Performer and composer. Host of the Teddy Award Ceremony 2017 and 2018. Jack has written shows for and performed at Wintergarten Varieté Berlin, Bar jeder Vernunft, Tipi am Kanzerlamt, GOP Varieté, and toured internationally including sell out runs in Melbourne, and Bangkok. 

Mark Wartenberg

Mark Wartenberg – Actor and lyricist. German/French/Indonesian stage and film performer. Currently working on a musical. Recently filmed all of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Premiering a new show in London in April.  

Brix Schaumburg

© Sven Serkis

Brix Schaumburg is a German actor. He just published his first children’s book with Carlsen and a new TV series will be airing soon.  He also is a singer and speaker, has won several awards and is actively striving towards more visibility and acceptance. 

Zsombor Bobák

Zsombor Bobák  joined the TEDDY team in 2018 and has since then seen almost all queer films at the Berlinale. With his insightful and competent interviews and conversations with the directors, he gives us a deep insight into the world of queer cinema and the makers every year on TEDDYAWARD TV. He holds an M.A. in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image from the University of Amsterdam and is a PhD student at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. His field of research is queer archiving methods that bring the LGBTQ+ history of Central and Eastern Europe to life. He is passionate about queer moving images and recently  
started to explore the productive engagement of academic research and found footage filmmaking.  

You want to be part of an unforgettable night and experience the ceremony live, click here to get your tickets now!