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Live on stage – Lie Ning

We‘re happy to introduce to you one of our performing artists in the program of the 37th TEDDY AWARD ceremony at Berlin’s Volksbühne on Feb 24!

Growing up in Berlin, LIE NING was exposed to a mixture of languages, images and melodies from an early age on, creating an interest for dance, fashion and fine arts. Music especially. From early on his mother showed him a world of rhythm and melodies, which would never let go of him again. His voice emerged as the most powerful means of expression. Everything he couldn’t convey visually he wrote into songs.

With his EP “traffic songs for the inbetweens” the young singer delivered a debut of impressive maturity, depth and international format. Still in a balancing act in between indie, soul and r’n’b, LIE NING creates intense pop-moments and emotional pictures in dreamy landscapes that got sharp edged. With his highly anticipated debut album lined up, LIE NING opens the gates to a parallel universe and reveals a layer of his very own utopia. One of many.

What builds a person? How does society reflect on a persona? Who defines success? Who am I? Where do I stand and for whom? A society is built by many factors, contributes and components. So is a personality. “utopia” is a deep dive into one of many facettes of LIE NING lead by velvet vocals and intriguing intensity towards the place of deepest emotional vulnerability. Where realities collide. Welcome to the cosmos LIE NING.

Jack Woodhead

Ladies & Gentleman, please let me introduce to you our host for the Award Ceremony: Jack Woodhead!

How beautiful that there is a place for dazzling personalities on this world: once he hits the keys you´ll immidiately  recognize that he is a classical trained pianist.  Jack Woodhead embodies all other facets of his sparkling personality in no less convincing fashion. No one wears Haute Couture this casual, thinks that fast, trippy, original and makes a charming host like he does. Jack Woodhead is an allround performer who you can´t resist.

Acts and Artists at the 31st TEDDY AWARD

On February 17th, 2017 at 9.00 pm the festive TEDDY Award Ceremony will take place – and afterwards the big Backstage Party  and After Show Lounge begins! at Haus der Berliner Festspiele. Here, you will find a first overview over the artists that will be live on stage during the ceremony and at the party, and you will get a first impression of what to expect from that night.

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets here in advance.

Bettina Köster

Bettina Köster is a german singer and author who became internationally known with her band Malaria! and their indie hit Kaltes, klares Wasser. Her warm and deep voice stands in the tradition of smoky diseuses like Marianne Faithful, Nico or Marlene Dietrich. Her music is also influenced by wave music and early electronic music of the 80s.


Jack Woodhead

Singer, pianist and componist Jack Woodhead, the star of various variety-, burlesque-, and circus shows will be our host at this evening and will bring us a lot of joy with his piano performances.

anna scholz

Saleh Yazdani

In a wild club-kid style he rides on a wooden rocking horse into a cold world full of concrete buildings and concrete heads. With the power of fantasy and his artistic handstands on the wooden rocking horse he triumphs against the tristesse of everyday life.

Saleh_Yazdani_©Andreas Durm

 VJ Alkis

VJ Alkis is a multimedia artist from Vienna and will be doing live visuals during the backstage party.

VJ-Alkis_photo: Gregor-Hofbauer_
VJ-Alkis_photo: Gregor-Hofbauer_


 Kerstin Ott

Kertin Ott is a DJane who is highly in demand all over Germany. With a mix of modern dance pop and a typically German sound, Kerstin fought her way up to the second place in the chart and stayed in the Top 10 for 25 weeks in 2015. She is currently on tour in support of her latest album ‘Herzbewohner’.



more to come. stay tuned