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Day 4: short films and girls in love

Two short films today are dealing with upcoming feelings of young girls for other young girls, which are leading to big confusions…

In the swedish short “Min Homosyster”,Cleo is spending warm sunny days with her sister and her “cool” girlfriend Gabbi. She is thinking about who she is on love with and why she´s always so nervous when her friend Sadira calls.

“La prima sueca” tells the story of Cata, who is waiting for her 15th birthday to come. Her cousin Klara, who is visiting, seems to be quite strange to her. Why doesn´t she like to wear skirts and what´s with that sort hair cut? The initialy mistrust seems to fade and maybe Cata doesn´t think of Klara that bad after all.

These two short films who are running in the section “Generation” gently observe the coming of age of young women and the accompanying irritations they have to deal with. Where and when, you´ll find below yeat again ;) Continue reading Day 4: short films and girls in love

Day 1: Panorama Opening-film “The Wound”

Beloved People, I can´t believe, but it´s true: Another year has passed and without even recognizing, the Berlinale is back again! Today it´s the opening day!

We gonna start the TEDDY programme with the Panorama opening-film called “The Wound”, which is running in CinemaxX 7 at 9 pm. In this debute feature film, South African film maker John Trengove is showing circumcision rituals and two men who are beginning to question these rituals.

In calm and detailed shots, Kwandas perspective as an outsider is shown, who has to live in a world which is rejecting him for what he is. Continue reading Day 1: Panorama Opening-film “The Wound”

Paragraph 175 An Overview

Dear Moviegoers,

At the turn of the century, TEDDY recognized the importance of remembrance and praised Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s “Paragraph 175”, an outstanding documentary about the dreadful German law criminalizing homosexuality. Almost two decades later, historians have shown how homosexuals suffered under National Socialism and many have fought for the memory of the victims. Lesser known is the fate of countless homosexuals after the war, the appalling story of the continuities of such an injustice into the success story of the Federal Republic.

This year’s focus is on the struggle of the members of our community who made it through these dark times, but also on the injustice of such a crime, still lingering like an open wound in German history. TEDDY is seizing the momentum of the present discussions on rehabilitation and reparations for the survivors and victims of §175. Our focus is on the unjust and unrighteous treatment of homosexuality in Germany after the war until the complete repeal of the law in the 1990s.

Continue reading Paragraph 175 An Overview

Introduction into the queer films in Kino International

Wieland Speck and TEDDY e.V. present the MonGay Special: On Today, at monday the 6th of February 2017 there will be an introduction into the queer films of this year´s Berlinale and we are happy to invite you! Wieland Speck, the curator of the section Panorama, will present the TEDDY-programme. Entrance is gonna be 7 Euro, discounted 6,50 and is for the benefit of TEDDY e.V.. The Introduction will be in Kino International, Karl-Marx-Allee 33, 10178 Berlin.

We are looking forward to see you there!

Remembrance of the homosexual victims of Franco´s fascist regime

In the movie “Bones of Contention”, which is competing for a TEDDY AWARD this year, the filmmaker Andrea Weiss takes us searching for tracks of the homosexual victims of Franco´s regime. Andrea Weiss will be in Berlin during the Berlinale and wants to invite you to join a remembrance for the victims:

“La Asociación Ex-Presos Sociales de España (Association of ex-Social Prisoners of Spain) is an organization of those who were incarcerated and persecuted under Franco’s fascist dictatorship on account of their sexual identity.

On Thursday, February 16 at 11 am, two representatives of the Association, Antoni Ruiz and Silvia Reyes, will lay a floral wreath at the Homosexuellen-Denkmal to pay tribute to the homosexuals who lost their lives in Nazi concentration camps.  Our intention is to give recognition to these victims whose ultimate sacrifice is a fundamental pillar supporting the current struggle for LGBTI and human rights.

It would be an honor to have your support and attendance at the floral offering on Thursday, February 16 at 11 am, at the Memorial to Homosexuals persecuted under Nazism in Berlin.”