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#teddyartist: Hedwig & the Angry Inch feat. Sven Ratzke

HEDWIG is coming back, whether you like it or not! The story of a rock n’ roll gender-bender premiered off-Broadway in 1998 and rapidly became a cult hit – just as did the 2001 film version, which also won that year’s TEDDY AWARD. In the musical’s first German production (2013), HEDWIG is played by the extravagant Sven Ratzke.

Born in 1977, the singer and entertainer lives in Amsterdam and Berlin and has been performing solo shows all over Europe as well as in New York for more than 10 years. Part German, part Dutch, Ratzke is considered an Homme Fatale of the chanson and cabaret scene and is virtually unique in his interpretations of modern vaudeville theater which incorporate elements of cabaret and personality show.

Sven Ratzke is backed by his personal angry inches: Florian Friedrich (Bass & Musical Director), Christopher Noodt (Keys), Hans Schlotter (Drums), Jan Terstegen (Guitar).

When: 14.02.14
9 pm @TEDDY AWARD Ceremony
Where: Komische Oper Berlin
Ticket Hotline: Tel.: +49-(0)30-4799 7474

January 14th, 2014: Last week in review

Missed the last Teddy-news? No time to check our daily updates on our blog and social media? Don’t worry! Here’s everything you shouldn’t have missed.

Less than a month to go! Berlinale is coming soon, and here at the office, the pressure is slowly but surely increasing. So is the amount of post-its on our desks, by the way.

Lots of work naturally means that we’ve got some interesting news to share with you all.
First of all, we are really happy to finally tell you that Sven Ratzke confirmed his presence on our TEDDY AWARD Gala stage! He will be performing a piece from his great version of the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch with his band. They’ve been playing in Berlin and everywhere in Germany all summer and will present their show in the Netherlands soon. And as I’ve personally seen it, I can promise you: IT IS AWESOME! I’m actually not the only one saying this, as John Cameron Mitchell HIMSELF declared that it is the best Hedwig he has ever seen. Wow.

And that’s not the only big news: Jochen Schropp will be on stage too. If you’ve been to one of the last two TEDDY AWARD Galas, you probably remember him as our host from the past years, and we’re glad he’s back! His fans on twitter seem to agree with this, since they asked him if he’s part of the TEDDY AWARD even before we could officially confirm it:


Planning the TEDDY includes lots of running through Berlin. So this week, a part of the crew visited the Komische Oper again, this time with the TEDDY-Party artists David Pereira & Jack Woodhead to plan their WHIPSTICK act. Funny, apparently it will include something with a fish. As someone would say: Now you’re interested, huh? Intrigued, even?

And in case you want to read more, here are the last posts we recommend:

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Our updated program of the TEDDY events for 2014 is here

Oh, and you’re still all welcome to write for us or submit pictures if you want to publish something on our blog :-)

That’s all for this week :-)