#teddyartist: Whipstick

Two absolute luminaries of their respective artistic genres present a collaborative show full of music, passion, acrobatics, comedy and sensuality. David Pereira‘s acrobatics give rise to impassioned performances in the air and on the ground. Physicality, dance, acrobatics and passion unite in a perfect GesamtkunstwerkJack Woodhead is a reincarnation of the cabaret in modern attire. With flawless piano playing and grandiose singing, he always manages to walk the fine line between loud, funny, trashy tones and calm poetics. Pereira and Woodhead met at BASE BERLIN and have been working together on various shows ever since. The two artists together in one show guarantees a completely new path in the chanson and varieté scene.


When: 14.02.14
11.45 pm @TEDDY AWARD Midnight Special
Where: Komische Oper Berlin
Ticket Hotline: Tel.: +49-(0)30-4799 7474

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