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And the winner is…
The TEDDY AWARD Winners 2019 are in!

Best Feature Film

Breve historia del planeta verde (Brief Story from the Green Planet) by Santiago Loza

Jury Statement:
The TEDDY AWARD 2019 for Best Fiction Film goes to a film that goes beyond genre limitations. Centered on friendships, loyalty, and acceptance, that so many of us find in our communities. It’s a charming and refreshing tale of a band of outsiders and is infused with the heart and the warmth that will carry us through times of internal division and outside pressure and that is so much needed today.

Best Documentary Film

Lemebel by Joanna Reposi Garibaldi

Jury Statement:
This film gives life to an artist that survived and resist the repressive dictatorship and spoke for the rights of not just queer, but all minorities attacked and silenced in his country. It brings out the importance of resistance during this time where we see voices across the globe being muted. This film is also creative in the use of the archival footage and proximity of the director to achieve an intimate portrayal of a persona that the world need to recognize.

Best Short Film

Entropia by Flóra Anna Buda

Jury Statement:
Surreal, hypnotic and fresh; this is a fun short that explores sexuality and queer relationships. Part of a new wave that draws from science fiction and traditional Hungarian animation, the winner of the TEDDY short film prize is ENTROPIA.

TEDDY Jury Award

A Dog Barking at the Moon by Xiang Zi

Jury Statement:
We are happy to award the special jury prize to a film in which form and content work on many levels to tell a complex and contemporary family story. We were impressed with the performances; the assured yet inquisitive script; confident, non-linear relating of the past and present; and the careful blending of the psychological and the political.
Created under intense political scrutiny, yet with the creative nous to avoid censorship, the winner of the special jury prize 2019 is A DOG BARKING AT THE MOON.

TEDDY Readers’ Award Powered by

Breve historia del planeta verde (Brief Story from the Green Planet) by Santiago Loza

Jury Statement:
BREVE HISTORIA DEL PLANETA VERDE is young, freshening, creative cinema far away from the conventions of a genre or narrative. The film deals uses a slight portion of humour to deal with topics such as queer friendship, solidarity and acceptance. Queerness is displayed entirely natural and not – which is still common today – only full of problems. The alien works as a multilayered and very queer being and as such contains a strong and powerful symbolism. “I know they exist but I have never seen one” says one person about the alien – a sentence very often said about queer people. All that makes BREVE HISTORIA DEL PLANETA VERDE a queer movie of high importance for the community itself but also for the whole society. We want to watch more such movies!

Special TEDDY Award

The Special TEDDY Award this year goes to Falk Richter.


Wednesday Feb. 13, 2019
Location: Berliner Freiheit, Berliner Freiheit 2 , 10785 Berlin

The Queer Academy is an annual convention of international filmmakers and festival organizers in the gay-lesbian-transgender context (2018 figures: 205 persons/institutions) at the Berlinale. The QUEER ACADEMY aims to establish itself as an institute of queer cultural memory. The ACADEMY will become an archive of queer culture and history that binds together queer cultural productions and cooperates with other organizations. Since memories are essential for the identity construction, the QUEER ACADEMY will offer an opportunity for queer people to form and find their identity in queer memory.

More than 1000 films with queer context from all continents have been presented at the Berlinale since the foundation of the TEDDY AWARD. The TEDDY AWARD has built an archive where all the movies ever shown in its programme are collected together with supplementary information. It is necessary to save this archive – the world’s largest of its kind. And for this reason, it is essential to digitalize it, to arrange a database and make this archive available for sharing, as well as to expand the bank of supplementary materials with the support of the members of the ACADEMY and the common users. The QUEER ACADEMY acts as a center of queer cultural memory, where artifacts and representations should be stored and become open to the public. The concentration of this queer film historical memory goes far beyond the cinematographic context and reflects the global memory of queer liberation movements of all the participating countries.

The digitalisation of these materials does not only mean that they are available for research and for work on (film)history. By digitalisation we can save these materials from disappearance, as they are permanently marginalized by their endangered existence in most of the countries. For the first time, the writing history of the queer population becomes possible and Berlin is now a centre of this national and international process. It is important to utilize the memories stored in the QUEER ACADEMY and therefore keep them alive. Only through active work with the memories we do not let them freeze, be forgotten or be limited to specific aspects.

TIMETABLE Wednesday Feb. 13, 2019
Location: Berliner Freiheit, Berliner Freiheit 2 , 10785 Berlin (FREE ENTRANCE)

11.00 am Opening: Wieland Speck
11.30 am Panel 1: Programmers of Colour in Focus:
Then, Now and the Future
1.00 pm Lunch break
1.30 pm Toby Ashraf in Conversation with Isaac Julien
2.30 pm Break
3.00 pm Panel 2: 40 Years of Queer Programming
4.30 pm Break
5.30 pm Invitation Only: Queer Connection Meeting/
International Queer Film Project Exchange
Location: Martin Gropius Bau, Kino
6.30 pm Invitation Only: Queer Industry Reception / Get Together
Location: Martin Gropius Bau, Lichthof


Host: Hebe Tabachnik, Palm Springs Film Festival/Seattle International Film Festival/Dance Camera West/Guadalajara International Film Festival in Los Angeles
Hussain Currimbhoy, Sundance Film Festival
F. Clementine Dramani-Issifou, Semaine de la Critique/Festival of New Documentary Cinemas/BeninDocs
Dr. Farzada Farkhooi, Trans*Formation Film Fest Berlin
Pecha Lo, Women Make Waves International Film Festival
Kevin Mwachiro, Out Film Festival
Paul Struthers, San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival



Host: Wieland Speck, TEDDY steering committee/Berlinale Panorama Curator 1992-2017
John Greyson, director/TEDDY AWARD winner 1989 and 1991
Sandra Hezinová, Mezipatra Queer Film Festival/Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Isaac Julien, director/TEDDY AWARD winner 1989/Special TEDDY AWARD winner 2008
Andrea Kuhn, Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival
Kevin Mwachiro, Out Film Festival
Greta Schiller, director/TEDDY AWARD winner 1989 and 1999


33rd TEDDY AWARD Ceremony & After Show Tickets

On the 15th of February, 2019 we are going to celebrate the 33rd TEDDY AWARD and the preparations are in full swing! The venue for the award ceremony and the TEDDY PARTY will be at the Volksbühne Berlin.

Tickets for the 33rd TEDDY AWARD ceremony and the after show party are available from now on via the ticket hotline +49 (0)30-240 65-777 or the Volksbühne Webshop. Additionally, tickets are available through Prinz Eisenherz Bookshop (also without booking fee).

For the special support of the Teddy e.V., we offer a limited amount of premium tickets. With the purchase of a premium ticket, you will be guest of honour in the best seating category. Furthermore, you will be invited to an exclusive pre-reception between 07:00 and 08:00 pm on the evening of the ceremony. You can fill in the form for your premium ticket here.

For all our guests who were unable to acquire a ticket for the ceremony we offer a screening lounge ticket, which will allow you to watch the ceremony broadcast from the comforts of Roter Salon. Free admission to the after show party is included in the price. 

FRIDAY, February 15, 2019
09:00 pm TEDDY AWARD ceremony at the Volksbühne Berlin
24:00 pm TEDDY 33 after show party with dance floor and DJ-Lounge

Ceremony hosted by Jack Woodhead, with:
Säye Skye
Sam Vance-Law
Hugo Duquette
Mona & Laura
Markus Pabst
Falk Richter
Shermin Langhoff

Don´t miss the the legendary TEDDY After Show PARTY starting from 24:00 on 3 dancefloors with 6 DJs:
VINYL LOUNGE | Das blaue Wunder, with Magnus & Norbert |
ROTER SALON | S Ruston & Friends | VJ Alkis |
GRÜNER SALON | SÄYE SKYE | Yrzck | aMinus |

premium ticket cat. A incl. reception: 150,- EUR

seat category A: 75,- EUR
seat category B: 49,- EUR
seat category C: 29,- EUR

screening lounge: 19,- EUR
party: 12,- EUR

TICKET HOTLINE & INFO tel.: +49 (0)30-240 65-777

The TEDDY AWARD is a non-profit event. The TEDDY AWARD finances itself only by contributions of sustaining members and patrons of the Teddy e.V., by donation of supporters, the contribution of many voluntary helpers as well as sponsors and the earnings of the award ceremony.