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TEDDY TODAY: 13.02.2022

“Hectic” barely begins to cover the start of the 36th TEDDY AWARD, but nothing makes us happier than running back and forth and preparing all the upcoming events and screenings for you!

Without further ado, here are today’s wonderful TEDDY premieres:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the list of reruns. 🐻



Directed by: Chiara Bellosi
Italy, Switzerland 2022

Film still, © Simona Pampallona / tempesta

Synopsis: Benedetta, 15, lives in rural Italy with her parents and her two little sisters. After work, her father enjoys tinkering with cars while her mother takes out her frustration on Benedetta. When a funfair sets up on the family’s doorstep, she meets a fairground worker named Amanda who lives a self-determined life and defies gender norms. Benedetta is immediately fascinated by the older Amanda’s self- confidence and independence, and school quickly fades into the background. The two barely talk; their cautious friendship is not one fuelled by grand emotions but rather by genial affection, curiosity and unspoken acknowledgement.


13.02. / 16:00 Zoo Palast 1

13.02. / 18:25 Cubix 3 (Screening for industry professionals | With accreditation only)


Directed by: Every Ocean Hughes
USA, United Kingdom 2021

Film still One Big Bag, © Every Ocean Hughes

Synopsis: A millennial death doula introduces us to the world of end-of-life care. With a matter-of-fact demeanor and intense physicality, she guides us into the largely uncharted waters of corpse care—practical, political, and spiritual. She performs her knowledge within a field of props that are the tools of her trade, kept in a “mobile corpse kit”—everyday items that she manipulates to profound use. The film, drawn from workshops, research, and interviews conducted with several end-of-life doulas from different cultural backgrounds, is a skill share, threaded with humor, grief, unknowing, and a desire for justice. The doula’s work encourages us to turn towards that which we strive so hard to avoid. 


13.02. / 14:00 Kino Arsenal 1


Directed by: Liz Rosenfeld
Germany 2021

Film still White Sands Crystal Foxes, © Liz Rosenfeld

Synopsis: White Sands Crystal Foxes is an experimental film journey through the point of view of a young queer person who daydreams about the erotics of a world where humans are willfully in submission to nature, and foxes are the only mammals still able to procreate. In this speculative world, in heightened states of emotion, crystals form from human secretions, such as tears, cum, and piss, and are considered to be valuable sources of energy. Foxes are polyamorous creatures slowly becoming the dominant mammals populating the world. Holes are infinite portals, social architectures, thresholds, and energy conductors. Drawing connections between chemical warfare, climate change, sustainable energy, and queering time and space, Liz Rosenfeld transforms a 360° immersive environment (a planetarium) into a speculative future lexicon of flesh, holes, crystals, and foxes.


13.02. / 21:30 Zeiss-Großplanetarium


Bashtaalak sa’at (Shall I compare you to a summer’s day?)
13.02. / 18:00 Cubix 6

Dreaming Walls
13.02. / 12:00 Zoo Palast 2
13.02. / 13:35 Cubix 4 (Screening for industry professionals | With accreditation only)

A Love Song
13.02. / 13:00 International
13.02. / 16:00 Cubix 1 (Screening for industry professionals | With accreditation only)

Mars Exalté (Exalted Mars)
13.02. / 12:00 Cubix 6

Nel mio nome (Into My Name)
13.02. / 15:00 Zoo Palast 2

13.02. / 11:15 Cubix 3 (Screening for industry professionals | With accreditation only)
13.02. / 15:30 Filmtheater am Friedrichshain

Le variabili dipendenti (The Dependent Variables)
13.02. / 17:30 Cubix 8