1. Day: TEDDY liftings

The lights turn off, the curtains are opened and on the white screen we see the panorama of the world. And then, all of a sudden, everything is different. The TEDDY has changed during its summer sleep in the last year. It got himself a new fur and moved officially into this blog as its second home, its second cave. Here it is looking forward to coming in contact with those, who are especially important to it: You. The readers, users, reporters and fans. Therefore we ardently invite all of you to check out this webpage blog, to click, to read and for sure also to comment!

And for all those of you who asked themselves what happened to screen, which a moment ago still was white, can here and now – like usual – get all the news about the Berlinale films which are competing for a TEDDY AWARD. Because today the festival opens its doors and the beginning makes…no one. On the first day the TEDDY will still rest a bit and prepare for the Grand Opening Party which will take place tomorrow at SchwuZ. Until then we recommend you to inform yourself about this year’s programme and everyone who has not a ticket yet for the grand TEDDY Gala on the 14th of February at the Komische Oper Berlin should buy them immediately otherwise there will be none left.

If you don’t have a clue yet what to wear for the grand opening party at Schwuz tomorrow, you might want to check out some old Disney movies.  After all J.Law did it, too:

jennifer lawrence golden globes dress meme1 Jennifer Lawrences Dior Dress at Golden Globes Inspires Meme


jennifer lawrence golden globes dress meme Jennifer Lawrences Dior Dress at Golden Globes Inspires Meme


This dress was brought to you by Snow White Design.


#teddyartist: Madlick

MadLick is an Acid dance crew from Berlin, Featuring Jiga and Eva. In their live show they use drum pads, bass guitars, analog synthesizers, vocals & other music toys. In 2013, MadLick collaborated with singer Peaches, produced the music for Bruce LaBruce’s upcoming film and was invited by Yoko Ono to open her concert at the Volksbühne.


When: 07.02.14
10 pm @TEDDY AWARD Grand Opening Night
Where: SchwuZ

Meet the Jury: Ellen Becht

Name: Ellen Becht
Country: Germany
Festival: pride pictures, Lesbisch-Schwule Filmtage Karlsruhe

Ellen Becht - Kopie

How do you like Berlin? What is special about the city for you?
Berlin is marvellous. I like its cultural events (especially classical music), the intercultural living together and of course the gay scene.

How would you describe the Berlinale in one sentence?
Melting pot of different cultures

What was your first encounter with the TEDDY AWARD?
When I visited the Berlinale for the first time a few years ago, I was very delighted, that there was such a thing like the TEDDY AWARD.

In your eyes, what does the TEDDY AWARD symbolize? What does it stand for? What makes it unique?
It combines a special perspective of living with an alternative way of expression in film art.

Tell us about a movie you’ve recently seen.
I watched In the name of… [TEDDY AWARD winner 2013] about a gay priest in Poland and his coming out. I like movies showing how people develop. This one was very sympathetic, also humorous, with impressing pictures and pretty authentic actors.

#teddyartist: So Low Suicide

One day, the lead singer of ‘Call Me An Ambulance’ asked: „Is there a life after punk rock?“ Looking at suicide statistics of that genre, the answer was clear: So Low Suicide! Six years ago, a band was founded under exactly that name in Berlin. Ever since, So Low Suicide records singing birds, heart tragedies, dead celebrities and the dark side of wardrobes where our demons and angels are hidden.


When: 07.02.14
10 pm @TEDDY AWARD Grand Opening Night
Where: SchwuZ

#teddyartist: Godmother

Godmother is a transgenre band that plays “oldies but newbies”, finding that middle ground between the strange and the strangely familiar. Their first anti-hit was “Theme Song from James Bond 23”, amassing over 200,000 views on YouTube (albeit mostly from pissed-off Adele fans). One year later, GODMOTHER released a 7″ single and music video for “These Things Take Time”, which No Fear Of Pop praised as “exuberant, luscious, and delightfully kinky… effectively smashed the competition for 2013’s greatest lyric.”

When: 07.02.14
10 pm @TEDDY AWARD Grand Opening Night
Where: SchwuZ