Entre hombres

Director: Pablo Fendrik, Argentina, 2020

© WarnerMedia

Buenos Aires, 1996. Three influential men are being recorded as they take part in an orgy in a hotel suite with all the usual ingredients: alcohol, drugs and sex. But after one too many lines, a prostitute dies and the compromising video suddenly disappears. This sets off a chain of events that quickly embroils not only the city’s entire demi-monde and underworld, but also the corrupt police force. Corpses are being found, a gangland boss’s pigs are served plenty of fresh food… more


It’s a Sin

Director: Peter Hoar, Great Britain, 2020

L-R Richie and Callum
© RED Production Company, all3media international

In the early 1980s, London is a safe haven for anyone who is different – not least young gay men. Escaping the stuffy small-town life of his parents’ home on the Isle of Wight, Ritchie ends up in the big city where he quickly swaps his law degree for drama. Colin comes from Wales to take up an apprenticeship at a men’s tailors. And Roscoe moves to London because his Nigerian-born parents refuse to accept his queerness. Their paths soon cross in the city’s nightlife and the queer flat-share “Pink Palace” becomes their home. Together they launch themselves into a promising future, unaware that… more