Dorian Gray im Spiegel der Boulevardpresse © Ulrike Ottinger



Director: Eva C. Heldmann, Germany, 1990

Sex on the metro! The director has taken footage shot in a completely empty compartment on the London underground and married it to the off-camera reading of a pornographic text that includes detailed masturbation instructions for a female rider. READ MORE…

Dress Rehearsal und Karola 2 (Dress Rehearsal and Karola 2)

Director: Christine Noll Brinckmann, Federal Republic of Germany, 1979

A tie or lace? After trying on numerous treasures from New York’s second-hand stores, and extravagant fashion accessories, Karola Gramann decides on a traditional dinner jacket with cummerbund and bow tie. READ MORE…

Dorian Gray im Spiegel der Boulevardpresse (Dorian Gray in the Mirror of the Yellow Press)

Director: Ulrike Ottinger, Federal Republic of Germany, 1984

Frau Dr Mabuse, boss of an international media conglomerate, needs to boost circulation. She has decided to create an artificial character who will fulfil all her readers’ dreams, only to then destroy him before their very eyes. READ MORE…

Female Misbehavior 

Director: Monika Treut,Germany, 1992

In four short films, three women and a transgender man talk about their sexuality. In Bondage, Carol, a New York activist in the lesbian leather scene, explains her embrace of sadomasochism. READ MORE…

The Garden

Director: Derek Jarman, United Kingdom, 1990

© Liam Daniel/Basilisk Communications/Edition Salzgeber
© Liam Daniel/Basilisk Communications/Edition Salzgeber

Derek Jarman had two gardens. One was in Dungeness, he started to work on it after being diagnosed with HIV. ”The gardener digs in another time, without past or future, beginning or end,” he wrote in his journal. READ MORE…

Zärtlichkeiten (Tendernesses)

Director: Maria Lang, Federal Republic of Germany, 1985

Stories from the lesbian subculture in West Berlin, about being in love, clichés, desire, and conflict—“shot as a narrative, with real lesbians at real locations about real feelings”. READ MORE…