Un gif larguísimo (A Very Long Gif)

Direction: Eduardo Williams
Spain, Norway, Greece, 2022, 75 Min.

Film still Un gif larguísimo | A Very Long Gif © Eduardo Williams

Recorded with a swallowed pill camera, the video Un gif larguísimo (A Very Long Gif) is an observational journey through the landscape of the digestive system, combined with a detailed zoom into cities and people moving in the limits of our vision, filmed with a powerful telephoto lens. These disparate image spaces sustain each other with the tension of celestial bodies. The sound of overlapping movements through different human agglomerations offers a third level of observation. Scales are flipped and imperceptible movements are unveiled in the longest GIF you’ve ever seen.


Direction: Crystal Z Campbell
USA, 2022, 17 Min.

Film still Revolver © Crystal Z Campbell

Revolver is an archive of pareidolia, a situation in which someone sees a pattern or an image of something that does not exist, narrated by a descendant of Exodusters, Black people from the southern United States who fled violence and inequities following the American Civil War of 1861–65. The city of Nicodemus in Kansas was deemed a refuge for Exodusters. Two contradicting narratives about this city are difficult to hold at once: the lure of a potential utopia while also being exiled in one’s own land. Guided by memory, history, and rumour of a fabled Black utopia, Revolver pairs abstraction and perceptual inquiry with psychic conjuring. Sonic transitions forge this experimental documentary, a perpetual chronicle of witnessing and way finding.