Live on stage – AŸA 

The artist AŸA (Avia Shoshani) is an independent creator based in Berlin for the last 4 years. Half Maroccan, half Yemen, she moved from a little town in the desert of Israel/Palestine to the huge and colorful city of Berlin to find her voice as a Jewish-Arab woman in modern society.

Growing up in an environment of political and personal crisis in Israel, AŸA had no alternative but to put her struggles into her musical storytelling, and she has so much to say. In each and every performance, AŸA demonstrates a wide range of experience, consistently delivering one-of-a-kind live adventures – taking audiences along for a very honest, but magical journey. She found her voice while performing on the biggest world stages including Eurovision, arenas filled with thousands of people, tv shows, clubs, circuses, theaters, star observatories, and more.

AŸA – Most Of The Time

We cannot wait to hear AŸA’s captivating voice on the stage of the TEDDY Awards on February 24th ! Tickets for the ceremony are available now on the Webshop der Volksbühne or by calling the Ticket-Hotline 030-240 65-277.